April 03, 2020

Improv Quilted Storage Boxes | Organize Your Fabric Scraps

Improv quilted storage boxes with green fabric scraps | Shannon Fraser Designs

Need a little incentive to get your fabric scraps tamed?

I’ve got just the project for you!

I’m fresh off the 7-Day Scrap Sorting Challenge and super fired up to see my scraps all sorted by colour and in the process of being neatly stored away.

DIY Green improv scraps storage box | Shannon Fraser Designs

My scraps were starting to take over and I was feeling a little overwhelmed by them and in need to see them tamed.

I started off by sorting by colour and this pretty little stack inspired me to finally tackle a fun scrappy improv project that’s been on my radar for years. Yes, years!

You might have seen these quilted storage boxes in Sunday Morning Quilts book (a fave of mine!). They’re perfect for not only using your scraps (which is what we’re after, right?!), but they also serve dual duty in storing your little bits of fabric too! Win-win in my quilty books!

Improv quilted storage box from Sunday Morning Quilts Book | Shannon Fraser Designs

These aren’t difficult to make, just make sure you read the instructions --- a rookie mistake I made while making my first one (which totally resulted in unnecessary seam ripping and re-stitching – ugh).

But, mistakes aside, I’m loving this little bin and can’t wait to make more.

My plan is to make a few more to store my scraps in the second shelf from the top of my fabric cabinet.

Fabric scraps sorted by colour | Shannon Fraser Designs

I don’t have much space to store my scraps, so I’m trying to limit how much I keep on hand. Another good tip if you’re looking to get your stash under control – try to work with the space you have. A sure-fire way to feel overwhelmed is when you have too much stuff for the space you have.

I share a ton of ideas in the 7-Day Scrap Sorting Challenge on how you can organize your stash and project ideas on how to use them too!

Shannon Fraser Designs' fabric cabinet

Once I get my little improv quilted storage boxes made, I’ll be focusing on making a scrappy Plus Infinity quilt!

Hope this inspires you to dive into your fabric scraps and start stitching too 😊

Happy quilting!



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  1. Shannon, I love this. Great idea, really.
    I want to make some boxes!!!

    1. Yassss!! I’m so excited to hear that, Rosemary! They’re super fun to make and even more fun to see filled with your scraps 😉 Can’t wait to see yours!!

  2. I love this! I have that book but I completely forgot it included a pattern to make storage boxes. I'll need to pull that book out and make some.

    1. Ha! That makes me feel better as I’ve been meaning to make these since I got the book alllll the way back in 2016! I’m loving seeing them in my cabinet and can’t wait to make more too! Look forward to seeing yours 😊