January 30, 2020

Cloud Surfing Quilt | Modern Curves Quilt Pattern

Cloud Surfing Quilt Pattern | Modern Abstract Curves | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern #quiltingcurves

She's here! The Cloud Surfing quilt pattern is now available and ready to take you on a curvalicious quilty adventure!

Now, if curves scare you, I totally get it! I’ve been there!

I had heard such fear surrounding stitching curves that I got scared just by osmosis! But there’s really nothing to fear!

The key is to just go slow, take your time and not pull on the fabric. Since it’s cut on the bias, that curvy block is going to s-t-r-e-t-c-h on you the more you handle it. So, being careful with how you handle the fabric is super important. You want to be gentle.

To help take the fear out of this technique, I’ve included a video tutorial within the pattern on how to piece curves using pins and without pins. The latter is how I prefer to stitch them.

Say whaaa?

No pins?

Yup! No pins!

Now that you know I've got you covered on how to sew curves, let’s dive in on what the Cloud Surfing quilt pattern has to offer!

Cloud Surfing Quilt Pattern out in the Wild | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern #quiltingcurves #quiltsinthewild #modernquilter

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Cloud Surfing Quilt Pattern out in the Wild | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern #quiltingcurves #quiltsinthewild

Here’s a full overview of what’s featured in the Cloud Surfing quilt pattern:

Includes instructions for 2 quilt sizes:

> Baby/ Wall Hanging 34" x 32" which is perfect for a nursery or wall hanging.
> Lap 60" x 55" which is ideal for curling up on the couch with a good book!

Two different quilt looks in one pattern. Each size has its own unique design elements and method of construction. No need to fear quilty boredom when you can quilt both sizes and experiences 2 different quilt journeys and 2 very different looks!

Step-by-step graphics to walk you through to piecing success. Plus, active hyperlinks to tutorials and videos for added help.

Templates 100% to scale - designed by Papper Sax Sten.

Coloring page to design your own and see it before you commit your fabric.

Block labels to print out so you can easily keep track of your pieces.

Fabric cutting diagrams to maximize your yardage.

The modern design features lots of negative space to have fun with your quilting.

Plus, more!

The Cloud Surfing quilt is all about letting loose and having some curvy fun!


Baby Cloud Surfing quilt in the Wild | Modern Quilt Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern #quiltingcurves #babyquilt

This was the original Cloud Surfing quilt I designed and I’m actively trying to find a spot in my house to hang her!

This one all came about after Jenny from Papper Sax Sten sent me her oval Drunkard’s path templates to play with. I went to town having fun mocking up different ideas, but this is the one that I kept coming back to. I've shared more of the inspiration behind the Cloud Surfing quilt over on Art Gallery Fabrics blog.

But just know that I was a little nervous when I dove into this design, as it had been entirely mocked up on the computer, and I wasn’t really sure whether I could recreate my digital design. 

I had nothing to fear, because she turned out beautifully!

Hand quilted detail on baby Cloud Surfing Quilt | Modern Quilt Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern #quiltingcurves #handquilted

Plus, have you seen these colours?

I do have a thing for coral but pairing it with this soft peach, vibrant orange, a little mauve and that pop of deep burgundy is just SO fun! I’ve been getting lots of comments on this pairing – clearly you love it too!

If you haven’t tried quilting with AGF PURE Solids, I highly recommend giving it a go. They’ve got a silky softness to them that I haven’t come across with other quilting cottons.

To really up the tactile quilty goodness, I opted to entirely hand quilt her using a combo of 12wt Aurifil Thread + some pearl cotton in size 8. The hand feel of this one is out of this world. It’s making me wish I had made her bigger so I could curl up in all that tactile quilty goodness!

Detail of baby Cloud Surfing Quilt | Modern Abstract Curves | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern #quiltingcurves #wallhanging #modernnursery


AGF PURE Solids featured in baby Cloud Surfing Quilt | Modern Quilt Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern #quiltingcurves #artgalleryfabrics

To make this version, I used the following materials:

50wt white thread for piecing 
Ruler & marker for plotting my lines
12wt Aurifil Thread in 2425 for hand quilting 
Presencia Finca Pearl cotton thread in size 8 in peach and orange (shop list of resources here
Oval Drunkard’s Path rulers designed by Papper Sax Sten 
Cloud Surfing quilt pattern – baby/wall hanging size

Cloud Surfing quilted wall hanging | Modern Quilt Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernabstractart #fiberart #wallhanging #nurserydecor


Cloud Surfing Quilt in the Wild | Modern Abstract Curves | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern #quiltingcurves

The lap size of the Cloud Surfing quilt was my chance to take the original design one step further.
It not only gives you an entirely different look than the baby size, but it also means you now have lots of negative space to have fun with your quilting.

To really showcase the movement of the design, I opted to use the templates to plot out different curved quilting designs. I split the quilt into 3 different quadrants to highlight the clouds and help the eye move across the quilt. It was so much fun!

Quilting details on lap Cloud Surfing Quilt | Modern quilt pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern #quiltingcurves #color

Plus, I opted to go with this orange thread colour so that my quilting stood out, but not so much that it detracted from the quilt.

Scrummalicious is what comes to mind!

I also love that I got to collaborate with Art Gallery Fabrics on the colorway. The theme was all retro surfing/ Hawaii vacation vibes. I took that to another level by featuring the Laki Island Daylight print on the back. I love how the florals add a fun whimsical touch to the modern abstract design on the front.

Cloud Surfing Quilt Pattern | Modern Abstract Curves | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern #quiltingcurves

And don’t even get me started on the binding print! I already love a polka dot binding, but this one has the added detail of a subtle wave around each of the dots - perfection!


AGF PURE Solids + Linen + Denim featured in Cloud Surfing Quilt | Modern Abstract Curves | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquiltpattern #quiltingcurves

To make the Retro Cloud Surfing quilt I used the following materials and notions:

Laki Island Daylight from Mister Domestics’ Aura collection – backing  
Hula Dolphins Vog from Mister Domestics’ Aura collection – binding  
50wt Aurifil Thread in #2021 – hand binding 
Templates, ruler & marker to plot my lines
Oval Drunkard’s Path rulers designed by Papper Sax Sten 


To celebrate the launch of the Cloud Surfing quilt pattern, Jenny from Papper Sax Sten, the team at Art Gallery Fabrics and myself have joined forces to bring you an epic giveaway including:
  • A full set of Jenny’s amazing Oval Drunkard’s Path rulers – which include all 3 sizes featured in the pattern.
  • All the AGF fabrics I used to create this lap quilt, including the backing and binding – yassss, which means you’ll get to totally recreate this retro beauty!
  • And 2 free PDF copies (one for you + one for a friend you tag) of the newly launched Cloud Surfing pattern from me.
To enter – head over to my Instagram feed and follow the instructions to join the fun!

I hope this curvy abstract quilt inspires you to dive into your favourite fabrics and go Cloud Surfing 😉

Happy quilting!


PS I’m crossing these off my Q1 2020 FAL List – that’s 4 down…more to go! 

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  1. Congrats on the new pattern release Shannon! I love both versions! I don't have a lot of experience with curves - the ones I have made didn't turn out very well so they do scare me a little and I try to avoid them whenever possible. :-) But I know how detailed your instructions are so I might have to give this one a try.

    1. I totally get the hesitancy, Izzy, but if you get stuck, feel free to reach out 😊 I include a video to show you stitching the curves with and without pins – try both methods to see which feels best to you!