November 27, 2019

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters

2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Modern Quilter | Shannon Fraser Designs #giftguide #holidaygiftguide #quilters #quilting #christmaswishlist #giftideasforquilters

Holidays are my alllll time favourite time of year!

And although I’m talking about gifts today, gifts are honestly the last on my list as to why the holidays are my favourite season. At the top is that I get to sloooow down and spend some quality down time with my family and friends. The season just feels so festive with all the decorations, the carols being heard in people cars and homes and the food. YES – the fooood! Definitely a fave!

What I do love about gifting, is that it gives me a chance to think about my loved ones and come up with a gift that they would love and shows that I’m paying attention to what they love.
2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Modern Quilter | Shannon Fraser Designs #giftguide #holidaygiftguide #quilters #quilting #christmaswishlist #giftideasforquilters

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My family has the toughest time shopping for me, which is why they normally ask me for a list to go from. I get it. If you’re not in the quilting or sewing world, it can be pretty overwhelming for them to know what you need or want. I should know, I got a button kit, when I never work with buttons – ha!
So, do your family a favour and share this list with them. They’ll thank you for taking the guess work out of what to get you!

This is my third year rounding up some holiday gift ideas specific for us quilters. Read on to find out what’s on this year’s list!



In all honestly, I’ve been trying to pair back on my physical books and magazines as I’m running out of space! Some books, though, I just HAVE to have in my repertoire. Here’s what’s on my radar:

Andrea from 3rd Story Workshop is not only a talented modern quilt pattern designer, but she also recently launched her very first book – Gemology – featuring a collection of foundation paper pieced gems. Plus, there’s a coordinating Aurifil Thread kit. Simply stunning!

Mending Matters – I love a good hand quilting session and to be able to combine it with mending my clothing so I get extra long wear out of them is super appealing. I actually made a first attempt on a pair of overalls back in the summer, but I can see this book inspiring some new ideas and approaches. 

Walk (by Jacquie Gering) – I recently picked this up and I’m loving the new techniques Jacquie Gering features. You can see it in action on my Mini Double Windmill quilt

Wabi-Sabi Sewing (by Karen Lewis) – I love a good improv session and have been meaning to explore a little more of the Japanese technique of wabi-sabi sewing.

Quilted, by Uppercase Magazine - I don’t think this one needs an explanation πŸ˜‰

The Quilter’s Planner – if you’re a quilter looking for some organization for both your personal and quilty needs in paper format – this is a great option. I’ve had one for several years running.

Walk book by Jacquie Gering | 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Modern Quilters | Shannon Fraser Designs #books #quiltingbooks #quilting #holidaygiftguide #christmas #giftideas

Walk book sitting on top of the Plus Infinity Quilt - pattern available in the shop.



Whether a newbie or seasoned quilter, there’s always something new to be learned in quilting. It’s one of the things I love about quilting, I’m perpetually learning and expanding on my skill set.

Bluprint offers some great online classes on pretty much every quilty topic you can think of.  Sign up for an annual membership and get free access to their entire database, or go specific with one of these fun classes:

There’s also huge sales running over on CreativeLive (no coupon needed). 

You can also find my free tutorials here.

 DIY Modern Quilted Pin Cushion | 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters | Shannon Fraser Designs #diygifts #diyholidaygifts #holidaygiftguide #christmasgiftideas #giftsforquilters



There’s no getting around this one, fabric is THE best present a quilter could receive (well, the Bernina would be pretty awesome too! See bottom of the list πŸ˜‰). So, even though this category is always at the top of the list, I would be remiss to not include her again here.

I know how much you love shopping for your own fabric, so gift cards are the way to go. Here are some places that I could shop up a storm with some gift cards:

Cottoneer (just email 

Purl Soho Gift Card | 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Modern Quilters | Shannon Fraser Designs #holidaygiftguide #christmasgiftideas #quilters #sewers

If you want instant fabric gratification, check out these fun bundles:

AGF Color Master Series Elements in Dragonfruit and Nectar

Karen Lewis Textiles – I’d LOVE to be in her Fabric Club, which includes a monthly subscription to her printed panels. 

This fun bundle by Lucy Engel would make such a fun quilt.

You know my love for linen and this little bundle would be fun to explore - maybe even paired with this retro inspired bundle

This little Liberty bundle is tempting me too! 

Another form of gift certificates that would be a welcome surprise is to be treated to longarm quilting! I’ve always quilted my quilts from start to finish, but I’ve seen some amazing work done by longarm quilters and it’s super tempting to send a quilt out. Here’s who I would love to try out:

Knot and Thread Design 



There are so many amazing indie quilt pattern designers out there that I couldn’t possibly name them all. But here are some that I find beyond inspiring and feel lucky to count many of them as quilty friends:

Pen + Paper Patterns (I’m currently making her fun Won’t You By My Neighbor quilt)

You can also find my quilt patterns in the shop.  And check out more inspiring designers in the 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.

This is the mini from the Double Windmill quilt pattern, which I quilted using a technique from the book Walk.


I always try and keep notions and tools to a minimum in my studio. But some are just essential and inspiring. Here’s what’s new in my studio or what I’m thinking about bringing in:

I applied to be an Aurifil Artisan because that’s the thread I use, and I wanted to explore more of their collection in order to play and better be able to guide you on your thread options. Some quilt shops are offering a new monthly thread subscription featuring the new Color Builders series. You can also buy them separately if you’d prefer to focus on just one series. There are some gorgeous colour combinations and these are currently speaking to me. 

I swear by having their color cards on hand so I can find the perfect thread for my quilts every time (especially since I order online all the time).

Aurifil Thread Color Builders | 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters | Shannon Fraser Designs #aurifilthread #holidaygiftguide #christmaswishlist #thread #quilting

This rotating mat sat on my wish list for the longest time, but I’m so happy I finally added her to my studio. Read about why I love it here.  

I recently received a pair of 9” tailor scissors from LDH Scissors and, wow, they cut like buttah!

9" Tailor Scissors from LDH Scissors | 2019 Holiday Gift Guide | Shannon Fraser Designs #scissors #tailorscissors #notions #sewingnotions #holidaygiftguide #quilting

These storage bags are pretty nifty at keeping my WIP organized. 

I have a soft spot for pin cushions and needle books. You can make them as simple or as ornate as you want. I think of both Amy and Cheri whenever I think cute needlebooks. Here’s the link to Amy’s Well Traveled Sewing Book PDF and this smaller version from Tink In Stitches.

I also like this one with the zipped pouches.

If it’s just a pin cushion you need, you can always make your own. They make great gifts too! Here’s a step by step guide on how to do just that! 

I’ll have more of these types of goodies in my Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Guide for Quilters. Here’s 2017 and 2018 if you want some ideas now.

Modern Mini Art Quilts in Project Storage Bag | #100daysofsfDMinis | 2019 Holiday Gift Guide | Shannon Fraser Designs #holidaygiftguide #wip #wipstoragebags #projectbags #quilters



I’ve been trying to think through some fun updates to my sewing studio and think some art prints might just do the trick.

I have the t-shirt, but this print might just need to be on my studio wall too. 
This one of quilt blocks is super cute too. 

Plus, every order placed with Craftedmoon plants a tree. And you know how much I love trees. You can also opt to plant an extra tree. We all need happy little trees 😊

I’ve been framing and hanging my mini quilts to enjoy them on display. I’ve got a few minis available in the shop

Lighting – gah, the lighting in my studio is just the pits. I really need to get it sorted. I’ve been on the fence about this led one for about 2 years now (see, I really think through my purchases!) and I’m still tempted. 

Modern mini art quilts | 2019 Holiday Gift Guide | Shannon Fraser Designs #fiberart #miniartquilt #miniquilt #quilts #artquilt



Let me start by saying I am very, very happy with my current machine, but every once in a while, I wonder what it would be like to stitch on one of these pretties:

Juki Kirei – it’s got a little bit more harp space and comes with some fancy stitches too! 

Janome Horizon – there’s a few different models – here’s an older version or this newer one, but goodness that price tag is a little cray-cray.

Bernina 770QE – this one just makes me think of the Cadillac of sewing machines. Doe it come with the cute kitty too. Not sure how Pips would feel about that πŸ˜‰ 

I definitely don’t NEED one, but if I were to be gifted one, I sure wouldn’t say no πŸ˜‰

Bernina 770QE | 2019 Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters | Shannon Fraser Designs #holidaygiftguide #sewingmachine #bernina #quilters



I never thought I was a themed shirt kinda person, but then my fave t-shirt is my Wonder Woman one (which is no longer available, but then I found this one which I now want!) and then I couldn’t resist scooping this little cutie (no longer available, but keep your eyes peeled on Craftedmoon in case it comes back), which is bringing me more joy than I thought possible. Is that weird?

Seam Reaper T-shirt by Craftedmoon | 2019 Holiday Gift Guide | Shannon Fraser Designs #craftedmoon #tshirt #quilters #sewingtshirt #giftguide

So, clearly the right themed shirt is my jam!

I’ve now got my eye on these:

This Will Quilt for Tacos sweatshirt totally made me laugh! 
This t-shirt sums up my sewing vibes perfectly. 
Kindness – always a great reminder of how easy it is and good it feels to be kind. 

I’ve also got this thing for cute socks. I used to have this watermelon pair that I’m still so sad bit the bullet several years ago. These Tangrams would be a great addition to my sock stash πŸ˜‰ 



If you’ve got travel on your mind, then you might consider combining your travel needs with some quilting! There’s a couple of quilting cruises taking place in 2020, including:

Quilty Pleasures – I just adore Emily from Quilty Love and love her fresh and clean modern designs. If I could swing it, I’d totally be in for this 7-night cruise exploring Eastern Caribbean and Bahamas from June 20-28, 2020, but that’s smack dab during an important family birthday and I don’t think they’d ever forgive me for ditching them for quilting – ha!

Majestic Alaska - we’ve been wanting to explore Alaska, so this one is seriously tempting. Hosted by Stephanie of Modern Sewciety, it’s a 7-night cruise exploring the wildlife and glaciers in Alaska from July 26 – August 2, 2020.


2019 Holiday Gift Guide for the Modern Quilter | Shannon Fraser Designs #giftguide #holidaygiftguide #christmaswishlist #quilters #quilting #sewing

And that’s a wrap on this year’s Holiday Gift Guide. If you need even more inspiration, be sure to check out the:

You can also find more goodies and ideas in my Amazon 2019 Holiday Gift Guide.

And stay tuned for my Ultimate Stocking Stuffer Guide for Quilters coming up in the next couple of weeks!

I’d love to know what’s on your quilty wish list this year. Share in the comments below!

Happy shopping πŸ˜‰



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