October 25, 2019

Neufchâtel Modern Aztec Crib Quilt

Neufchâtel Modern Aztec Crib Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernbabyquilt #quilts #babyquilt #modernnursery

Have you ever worked with a collection of fabric that just soothes your soul?

The colours and prints just help bring on that zen feeling of calmness and stillness?

That’s what the Neufchâtel collection does for me.

Half Square Triangles | Neufchâtel Modern Aztec Crib Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernbabyquilt #quilts #babyquilt #hst #halfsquaretriangles

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The florals are whimsical, not overly bold and graphic, but rather soft and delicate. With the exception of the dark turquoise, the pale blue, soft peach and white bring a quietness to the overall palette, while still bringing colour. It’s subtle. The dark turquoise adds some grounding without being stark. It’s a gorgeous combo that I’ve had the best time playing with.

I also love the contrast of these delicate fabrics paired with the geometrical design of the Modern Aztec quilt pattern. I love that push pull effect between the two styles. It helps prevent one from being too overly dainty and the other too cold and rigid.

Quilt in the wild | Neufchâtel Modern Aztec Crib Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #moderncribquilt #babyquilt #quiltsinthewild

This pretty would have been done in a flash had other projects not taken priority. But since there was no deadline for this one, she hung out on my design wall (here’s tips to make your own) for quite awhile. I’m certainly not complaining, as I adore having fun quilts to look at in my studio!

She finally got basted a couple of months ago on one of the hottest days of the summer. We’d been going through heat waves here in Montreal and boy was it HOT. Ironing backings and then kneeling on the ground smoothing fabric and batting is hot work at the best of times but throw in a crazy amount of humidity and it’s one sticky mess! But I got through it and it felt so good to see her ready for some quilting.

Sampling Aurifil Thread for quilting | Neufchâtel Modern Aztec Crib Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt #quilts #babyquilt #aurifilthread

My initial instinct was to go with a coloured thread; however, after pulling every single shade of blue, bluey-gray, and gray thread out of my stash, none seem to be quite right. As I had them out, I realized a nice soft peach would have been perfect, but I didn’t have any of that either – ha! So, I went with my trusty white thread in 50wt. She never fails, which is why I buy this one by the cone 😉 

After sharing a picture of the binding in my IG stories, I see you’re loving this print as much as I am! It reminds me of shooting stars twinkling in the night, which just seems so fitting. And cute! Never underestimate the cute factor!

Binding | Neufchâtel Modern Aztec Crib Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernbabyquilt #quilts #babyquilt #binding #quiltbinding

Now that I’ve got a few different hand binding techniques (see the Quilt Binding Tutorial Part 2 and Part 3 for those) in my repertoire, it always takes a moment of pause to consider which would be the best fit for the quilt. In the end I opted for some big stitch hand quilting as I wanted a little extra detail and texture. You can never have too much texture, right?

Neufchâtel Modern Aztec Crib Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernbabyquilt #quilts #babyquilt #modernnursery


Here’s a full run down of the materials and tools I used to complete her:

All of the prints are from the Neufchâtel collection designed by Cottonflower Studio for Camelot Fabrics:

White 50wt Aurifil Thread for piecing, quilting and binding 
Kwik Klip for making pin basting way less painful and quicker too!  
This ruler for making quick work of marking my lines 

Modern Quilt | Neufchâtel Modern Aztec Crib Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernbabyquilt #quilts #babyquilt #modernnursery

The other thing I learned from this project is just how quick baby and crib quilts are to make! I’m normally making larger throw quilts, which requires moving furniture to get them basted, and days spent at the machine quilting her up. There was none of that with this one. The longest bit was doing the quilting in the center of the squares, which involved burying some threads. No biggy, really, especially now that I have my technique down pat (see all my thread burying tips here). Had I gone with an edge to edge design, it would have been that much quicker. But you know me and adding those design elements in. They’re always worth the time and effort 😉

This would make an amazing gift for a baby girl’s nursery. It’s soft and delicate, but without being too girly. There’s only one, so if you love her, snag her before she goes!

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Happy quilting!


PS I officially got this one done during Q3 but am thrilled to be crossing it off my Q4 FAL List now that it’s been blogged!

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