October 16, 2019

Catching up on a Modern Quilter’s WIP List | Q4 Finish-A-Long Proposed Projects

Q4 2019 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #wip #quilts #modernquilter

Wowee, we’ve only got a few more months before we’ll be ringing in 2020.

Ok – that felt a little strange to type out. Where has 2019 gone?

As I take stock of my current work in progress pile, I’m trying to be mindful of how much I can realistically get done in the coming months.

With the holidays only a couple of months away, I know that December will be a write off in terms of getting anything accomplished – ha! 

With holidays planned and visits with family and friends, I know there will be less and less time to get any sewing done. Which is ok. That’s the season and it’s a great time of year to just unwind and chill – preferably with a nice glass of eggnog 😉

I’ve got a solid 2 months to sneak some work in, so I best be strategic in what I want to finish up.
But first, let’s check in on how I did with my Q3 FAL List

Q4 2019 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #workinprogress #quilts

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You guys loved this one! And I can’t say I blame you as this one brings me so much joy too! Those bold fabrics and colours are just my jam! And paired with the black and white striped binding – I mean, too good! It took me awhile to get the pattern written and tested, but it was so worth the wait because this is quickly becoming one of my most popular patterns! Read more about this quilt and the fabrics featured here

To make your own, here is the Flight Plan quilt pattern

Geometrical Flight Plan Quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt #trianglequilt #quilt


This sweet baby Flight Plan quilt was actually made from scraps leftover from my Harvest Falls projects. Proof that scrappy quilts are a win-win. Since I deviated a little from the original pattern, I include a separate section for this Rollakan version in the pattern. 

You just need a FQ bundle and some solids and you’re golden. Get the pattern here.  

Rollakan Flight Plan Quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #babyquilt #modernquilt #modernnursery #trianglequilt


Guys, this quilt had been on my FAL list for sooooo long. It pains me for how long it sat there unfinished, but I’m thrilled I waited because I took the quilting next level on this pretty Rocksteady quilt.

You can find the Rocksteady pattern by Suzy Quilts here

Rocksteady a Suzy Quilt Patterns | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt #quilting #catsonquilts


While I finished this one back in early 2019, I wasn’t able to share her until she was officially published in Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. Click here to read more on how this quilt came to be.

Find the Harvest Falls quilt pattern in LPQ Issue 76

Harvest Falls Quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #halfsquaretriangles #quilt #modernquilt


For all my interior décor enthusiasts, this quilted mini wall hanging is for you! She’s quick. She’s cute! And she’s the perfect size to try hand quilting 😉

Pattern also available in LPQ Issue 76.

Harvest Falls Mini Quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #miniquilt #wallhanging #wallart #handquilted


This was the first pattern I ever pitched to a magazine and it landed on the cover! Woweee! While I love that story, I love the versatility of this pattern even more. My pattern testers knocked it out of the park with all their different versions. I love when a pattern allows you to bring your own personal touch without losing the design elements of the pattern. This one nails it on both fronts! See more here.

Double Windmill Quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt #quiltsinthewild #halfsquaretriangles


This one has been done for awhile now, I just need to get her photographed and blogged. I’m even considering selling this one. I don’t often sell my quilts, but my pile of completed quilts is growing and getting out of hand. So, either I get more storage, or I start parting with them. Is this something you’d be interested in?

If you'd rather make your own, I used the Modern Aztec quilt pattern.


My friends over at Windham Fabrics sent me these gorgeous FQ bundles and I couldn’t resist pulling out all the fall colours! With fall officially here, I’ve been in a “get my house nice and cozy” mode and figured a new quilted table runner was the perfect start! I still need to finish photographing her and get her up on the blog. In the meantime, the Fantasy Fabric is shipping to stores this month and the Modern Aztec Table Runner pattern is available here.

Fantasy Modern Aztec Quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #tablerunner #quiltedtablerunner #homedecor

Well, that’s not so shabby! While I still have a lot of WIP (which I’ll get into in a second), I feel really good about my progress in Q3! Last quarter I think I only knocked off a few projects from my list, so I’m definitely winning this round!



I made some great progress on several of my WIPs, let’s see which ones!


This one still doesn’t have an official name yet. Why is naming quilts so tough? In any event, I’ve already chopped these pretties up, stitched her together, got her basted and have already started hand quilting her. The hand quilting is going to take me awhile, but I’ll looking forward to sharing more with you later this quarter. Stay tuned!

PURE Solids for my Curvy Abstract quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilting #agf #puresolids


My House of Cards quilt came from playing with the scraps leftover from my Geometrical Flight Plan quilt. You know me and how much I love improv quilting. There’s something about those trimmings that call to me. They’re my freedom sessions and I never know where they’ll lead to. But this colourful improv beauty is the result. I’m planning on getting her quilted sometime this month, so keep an eye out for her.

House of Cards improv quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt #improvquilting #color


I got this one quilted! She’d been hanging out on my sofa for a little while all cute and basted and I finally snuck her in for some quilty action. I’ve just got the hanging sleeve and binding to go and I’ll be able to knock her off my list.

You can find the Reflections wall hanging pattern over on Suzy Quilts. 

Reflections Quilt - a Suzy Quilts pattern | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilting


These are my joyful minis – as in, they bring me joy every time I work on them. I got a few more stitched up and still have a good stack to go. This is my no pressure, just for fun project.

100 Days of sfD Minis - modern improv quilting | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernimprov #handquilted #miniquilt


This quilty project has been dragging on and on and on! It really is the never-ending project. But all I have left to do is attach the sleeve. I mean I’m there. I’m near the finish line. I just need an afternoon to get me over the line 😉 Will this be the quarter it happens?

180-Degrees Quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long Proposed Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt


This one I got roped into. If you get my newsletter, then you know the full story behind this stack. But, in the end, I blame myself for bringing my hubs into a fabric store with me. In any event, I’ve been mulling new pattern ideas to feature this pretty charm pack. I don’t normally work with charm packs, so this is pulling me outside my comfort zone. I’ve got a few ideas brewing, one that keeps coming to the forefront. I just need a few hours to play and see where it can lead to. Hopefully I figure it out before Christmas – ha!

Sweet Christmas fabric | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #modafabrics #christmasquilt


I haven’t touched this one at all. I thought I would dive into my basket of quilty play more frequently but looking at all the projects I’ve completed and those I’ve moved forward; I can see that my time has been spent elsewhere. And that’s ok. The basket isn’t going anywhere 😉

Fiber Art | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #fiberart


Another project that I didn’t touch this quarter. I did think about it though, so surely that counts for something – right?!

Modern Sewcialites SAL Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #sal


Gah, I really want to see this one get done. I just haven’t figured out how I want to finish her up. I have an idea, but it seems fiddly and that’s kinda deterring me. I’ll get there – eventually!

Weight  of Love Quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #hexies


I did sneak in a few more needle turn appliqué stitches, but I’ve still got a long way to go before this little cutie will be done. I will say this, I should have learned after my Hexed table runner that I’m not really a big fan of needle turn appliqué. The look is beautiful, I’m just not a lover of the process. And since I’m all about enjoying the journey, I don’t see myself revisiting this technique again for awhile!
Fear not though, you can totally make this one with raw edge appliqué which will be WAY quicker. 
Snag the Bohemian Garden quilt pattern by Suzy Quilts here

Bohemian Garden baby quilt Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #babyquilt


Another project that didn’t get moved forward. I’ll get there. I have to, because I have the backing for it, and I love that backing and it needs to get used. Soon.

Sewcial Bee Sampler Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #sewalong


No movement on this one either. Which is a shame because I know I’ll love this one once I get back into it. Here’s the free block pattern if you want to make one too! 

Medallion Squared quilt Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #fpp #foundationpaperpiecing #freequiltblock


Absolutely zero progress on this one. She’s still sitting safe and sound in my WIP basket just waiting for me to get back to her.

Modern improv curves | Q4 Finish-a-Long Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedcurves #modernimprov


Yup, more that I didn’t touch. But I think these would make great holiday gifts, so I best get on it!

Hexie Pillow | Q4 Finish-a-Long Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltedpillows #hexies


I did stitch a few more EPPs together. I adore this project; I just find I have to pace myself as the tiny stitches required really put a strain on my hand. This is my long, long, long term WIP project and I’m 100% ok with that.

You can find the Mischief quilt pattern and EPP templates here

Mischief EPP Quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #epp #englishpaperpiecing


These still need to be framed. Well, and I need to figure out where I would like to hang them. I should probably figure that out first before I frame them…

Sew Mojo Mini | Q4 Finish-a-Long Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernmini #wallart #fiberart



As much as I would love to be a quilter that sticks to just a few WIP, I just can’t seem to do that. I love starting new projects and there’s a few new fun ones I’ve already got in the works.


I wanted to show the versatility of the Double Windmill quilt pattern and thought a fun holiday mini wall hanging featuring these Blossom prints would be perfect! I’m loving this one and how it has a subtle snow globe effect to it. I’ve already got the top pieced and the improv backing done too! I even tested out a new quilting design after I picked up my Walk book. Now I just need to get the binding done – so close!

Blossom Double Windmill Mini Quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #holidays #halfsquaretriangles #rileyblake


I really shouldn’t be taking this on, but I’ve LOVED this pattern ever since I first saw it and couldn’t help but pull these fabrics. Hoping to cut into them this weekend.

Perennial quilt pattern available from Suzy Quilts October 17, 2019.

Perennial Quilt fabric pull | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #fabricpull


If you missed it, I was part of the Rainy Day Sewing Book Tour Blog Hop and one of the projects I really wanted to make was the Johnny Appleseed Quilt. I didn’t have the time for the book tour, but my quilty friend Ange and I have been looking for a project to do together and we both fell in love with this design. We’re kicking off our own impromptu and no stress virtual sew-a-long so we can stitch together even though we’re on opposite sides of the world from one another.

You can find the Johnny Appleseed quilt pattern in the Rainy Day Sewing Book

Johnny Appleseed quilt fabric pull | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #fabric


This one stemmed from another play session. I had lots of blocks from testing my Flight Plan quilt pattern templates. Instead of just tossing them into a basket and forgetting about them, I decided to throw them onto my design wall and just play. I used up as much of the fabric scraps as possible to complete this improv wall hanging. She’s already basted and ready for quilting.

Modern improv quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #triangles #modernquilt


I’ve had this idea brewing for awhile now. In fact, I even have quite a bit of the legwork already done on this project, but I needed some time to make her and get the documentation finished. This project is to go along with a new series I've been working on. I’ll be sharing more in the coming months but wanted to get her on my FAL list, so I don’t forget to prioritize her.

Color Theory fabric scraps | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #color #fabricscraps


I’ve got a fun holiday project in the works, but it’s a secret for the moment and can’t share too much. All I can say is that it’s going to be fun! More will be revealed later this quarter.


I’ve been wanting to make another Double Chevron pillow and thought this fun chartreuse, navy and light blue combo would be super fun!

Double Chevron pillow fabric pull | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #fabric #fantasyfabric #sallykellylond #windhamfabrics


You know I’m normally all about bold colours, but I received this fun Dessert Blossom bundle from FIGO Fabrics and it’s got me wanting to try something new. Gotta love when fabric has that effect on you 😉

Desert Wilderness for Ecliptic quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #figofabrics #fabricpull


I picked up this Tilda fabric awhile ago without any specific project in mind, I just had to have it! I spent some time playing with fabric the other night and pulled this combo. I think it would look really pretty using my Ecliptic pattern. Time will tell!

Mauve Ecliptic Quilt | Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt #fabric


And that’s a wrap on my very long Q4 Finish-a-Long list!

I know I won’t get all of these done, but I love having my quilt projects documented. It helps keep me organized, plus, I love checking in every quarter to see what I have and haven’t been able to get done. This isn’t about beating myself up, in fact, it’s the complete opposite. I find by taking stock of my WIP I assume full ownership of them. They’re not hiding somewhere unbeknownst to me. I see them and acknowledge them. And more often than not, I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made.

Q4 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #wip #quilting #modernquilter

So, if you’ve been on the fence about participating in the FAL, I encourage you to dive in! The group is super encouraging and there’s no penalty if you don’t get anything done. But if you DO get something finished, you have the chance of winning some fun prizes. You can read more about all of that here.

As always, I’m linking up over on my friend Dizzy Quilts’ site.

Happy quilting!


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  1. Wow, what a list! Congratulations on all of your Q3 finishes! And it looks like some really beautiful projects are waiting in the wings for you, when you're ready :)

    1. Thank you, Tiff! It feels really good to knock projects off my WIP list!! Now, let's see how many more I can get done before the end of the year!!

  2. What a fun group of projects, it's wonderful to have so many to choose from. Good luck with your list!

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Lisa! Hoping it’s a productive quarter 😉

  3. What an amazing list of projects. I love the palette for Johnny Appleseed. And the improv drunkard's path is awesome! Happy sewing! Thank you for participating in the FAL, on behalf of the 2019 global FAL hosts.

    1. So kind of you, Sarah! Really hoping I can knock several of these off my Q4 FAL list 😊