July 14, 2019

Checking in on that quilty to-do list | Q3 Finish-A-Long 2019 Proposed Finishes

Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Checking in on that quilty to-do list | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinprogress #wip

Ugh, this was not a productive quarter as far as FAL goes.

I know these months happen, but man is it eye opening and a little discouraging to see that I only knocked off a couple of things from my Q2 FAL list

But I’ll take any progress, because two in particular have been hanging out for awhile. And it felt really good to knock them off my to-quilt list (not to mention a mental weight too!).
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Fall Irish Vortex quilt | Q3 Finish-A-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #scrappy #quilt #modernquilt

First up, my Fall Irish Vortex quilt. This one is all about texture. Oh, and the fun you can have with a FQ bundle too! I just keep coming back to all that linen. So scrummalicious. Check it out here and snag the pattern for yourself here


Rocksteady quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #quilt #quilting

Can you believe this one got done? I am so over the moon to be able to check this pretty off my list. Not because I don’t like her, but rather because I’ve been wanting to complete bringing her to life. She’s too pretty to just hang out on the back of my sofa her quilty life. But it’s a reminder that good things come to those who wait. Had I tried sneaking her in earlier, I probably would have just gone with straight line quilting, but by waiting until the time was right, I was able to do her justice. I knew I wanted to try out some new quilting motifs and that wouldn’t have happened if I was under the gun for time. I have the blog post almost ready to go and will be sharing her soon. In the meantime, you can find Suzy’s amazing pattern here


Rollakan Flight Plan Quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #babyquilt #trianglequilt

This little cutie is done! I am so happy with how she turned out too! And that’s super encouraging given the amount of time I spent hand quilting her. This right here is why it’s so worthwhile to invest the time. I can sometimes be tempted to take the quick route, but when I know in my quilty soul that a quilt deserves to be hand quilted, I commit the time. I’ve never regretted it. I just feel bad for you that it takes me so long to share a finished quilt! I still have to blog about her, which will happen later this month when I release the Flight Plan quilt pattern on July 18, 2019.


Harvest Falls Quilt - featured in Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #shannonfraserdesigns #quilts #modernquilts
Image courtesy of Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine

The fun quilty projects featuring these gorgeous Rollakan (designed by Cathy Nordström) and FIGO Fabrics have been done since February and the reveal finally happened this month! I’ll be sharing more later this month once I get the quilts back! But for now, you can see the #harvestfallsquilt and #harvestfallsminiquilt

I got a few other projects done, but nothing that was officially on my FAL list, so my technical completion rate is three! Better than zero 😉



These amazing quilts are still at various stages of development. I’ll be upfront and say most didn’t see any development. If you’re a newsletter subscriber, then you know life has been happening and my dedicated sewing time has been impacted. But hey, that’s life and I’m all about rolling with it. So, here’s where things stand with my quilts in the works.


Geometrical Flight Plan Quilt Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt #trianglequilt #quilting

This bold colourful beauty is so beyond better than what I had imagined she would be. To say she delivers an instant shot of pure joy every time I look at her would be an understatement (it could also be a sign that I’m loving my quilts too much!). She’d been basted for awhile; I was just stuck on how to quilt her. After my experience with my Rocksteady quilt, I’ve learned to not rush it and see if inspiration strikes. Well, it did and didn’t. Since the pattern is releasing soon, I needed to get ‘er done. Nothing like a deadline to kick you into high gear. Quilting is now done and binding is currently being attached! Pattern available July 18, 2019! Snag the Geometrical bundle in the meantime! 


Modern Aztec Crib Quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #cribquilt #hst #halfsquaretriangles

I made some stellar progress on this one! All those HSTs got trimmy-trimmed-up, which was the hurdle I needed to get over to then chain piece her together. Love how quick it goes at that stage. She’s hanging out nicely pieced on my design wall just waiting to be basted. Backing fabric is already selected, so no delays should happen. In fact, I already have the label and the binding ready to go. Check out the versatility of the Modern Aztec quilt pattern.  


Hand quilted improv mini art quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #miniquilt #artquilt #fiberart #improvquilting

These little improv cuties are such a saviour. They seriously bring me so much joy and I love all the positive feedback you share with me every time I post a new one. I’ve stopped counting days and I’m just focusing on making when I have a chance and I’m thrilled to say they are moving forward. Here are a couple that I completed this quarter, but you can see all of them under #100daysofsfDminis


Sew Mojo Mini | Q3 Finish-a-Long | Shannon Fraser Designs #handquilted

OMGeeee – the one thing holding me up with this project was getting myself to Ikea! And it finally happened…only I bought the WRONG frames! Ugh, my luck. I’m just looking for simple white frames with larger mats. If you have any suggestions, I’m allll ears! If you need some sew-mojo in your life (let’s face it, we all do!), then check out Suzy’s bundle


Mischief Quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long | Shannon Fraser Designs #epp #englishpaperpiecing

Not a single inch of progress was made on this project. It saddens me to write that as I really love this project, but my hand stitching time is limited and the Rollakan Flight Quilt took all my hand stitching time this quarter.


Improv Drunkard's Path Quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long | Shannon Fraser Designs #improvcurves #drunkardspath

I love these little improv curvy cuties, but they’re going to have to wait for my attention as other projects have more pressing deadlines.


Medallion Squared Quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long | Shannon Fraser Designs #foundationpaperpiecing #fpp

I’m hoping to find some time to sneak in a good FPP session. It’s been awhile and I feel the need for that rhythmic process of lining up, folding back, pinning, stitching, pressing and continuing. It’s very soothing once you get into it. Medallion Squared block is a free pattern for newsletter subscribers – sign up here.  


Sewcial Bee Sampler | Q3 Finish-a-Long | Shannon Fraser Designs #sal #sewcialbeesampler

The only progress that was made (if you can even call it progress) was when I did a re-org of some of my fabric cabinet and refolded this gorgeous backing fabric so it fit better in my closet. That’s it. I haven’t even opened the box containing my completed blocks. But I bet if I did open it, it would give me the instant urge to get this pretty quilt finished. Here are my completed Row 1, Row 2, Row 3 and Row 4. Only one more row to go. Will this be the quarter it happens?!


Hexie pillow | Q3 Finish-a-Long | Shannon Fraser Designs #hexies

I was thinking about this the other day that these half-finished quilted pillows would make awesome Christmas gifts. I’m thinking my SILs might get a kick out of them. Possibilities!


180-Degree Quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt #wallhanging

Hmmm, so I really thought this would be a quick finish once I got all that thread burying finished (check out this tutorial if you need tips on how to bury your quilt threads). Alas, it’s still draped over the back of my sofa waiting for that sleeve to get attached.


Weight of Love Quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long | Shannon Fraser Designs #weightoflovequilt

I don’t see this one getting completed this quarter, but I still want her on the list so I don’t forget to get to her…eventually!


Bohemian Garden Quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long | Shannon Fraser Designs #babyquilt

I adore this quilt. I love how whimsical it is. What I don’t love as much is needle turn appliqué – yup, it’s not my fave quilting technique. So, I guess it’s no surprise this one is taking me a little longer to finish up. But I know she’s going to be one of my all-time fave quilts once she’s done. Grab the Bohemian Garden quilt pattern. Oh, and in case you’re thinking “Um, Shannon, I don’t want to be stuck with a needle turn applique project” then not to worry as the pattern has oodles of options other than needle turn appliqué!


Modern heart block | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #heartquilt

I happened to think about this quilt the other day, wondering if I might just stitch up the blocks I have completed so far and see what design I can come up with. The colourway is just the sweetest and I’m thinking it could make a really cute baby quilt. Something to consider.


Modern improv quilting - fiber art at it's best! | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #textileart

Well, I didn’t get as much quilty play in as I had hoped. In fact, I’m still finishing up the first mini I started way back at the start of Q2. But I love this idea and want to remind myself to fit more of these sessions in. I have a feeling once I finish my #100daysofsfDminis, this project will kick into high gear.



I’ve heard quilters and makers talk about project ADD, and what’s become evident the longer I participate in the FALs is just how much I can’t focus on my “current” to-quilt list. I’m always being inspired by new ideas and opportunities and my lists keeps growing. I like to consider this as a fluid list that evolves based on my creative inquisitiveness and quilty challenges that come my way. While I would like to keep things to a manageable list (that exact number is very much TBD), I above all don’t want to stifle my quilty journey. So, with that preamble, here’s the new quilty goodies getting added to the mix.


Double Windmill Quilt Fabric Pull | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #konacotton #solids #solidsquilt

Not the most adventurous name for this quilt, but it is a blue quilt, so at least it’s not misleading 😉 This is a personal quilt that is overdue in the making and gifting. Since I’m planning on releasing the Double Windmill quilt pattern (originally featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting), I thought it was the perfect opportunity to create her in solids. Based on your reaction to this colourway, I’d say blues hit the mark for most.


Hot Summer Nights colourway for Double Windmill Quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #color

Now that I’ve cut up my Kona cards, I’ve been having fun playing around with different colourway ideas. And one that I’m quite smitten with is this warm earthy combo that has me dreaming of hot summer nights drinking sangria and chatting with friends. I’m thinking of trying her out as a baby version of the Double Windmill quilt


Sweet Christmas Quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #christmasquilt #christmasinjuly

This one was completely unexpected and definitely not on my radar. It’s what happens when I bring my hubz into a fabric store and he “sees” fun fabrics for himself. He was instantly smitten with this Sweet Christmas line by Urban Chiks for Moda. Obsessed! Who am I to stand in the way of him having a fun Christmas quilt that reminds him of his x-mases as a kid? So, I’m now on the hook for a Christmas quilt featuring this charm pack (a first – I’ve never worked with a charm pack) paired with this backing and binding (I had him choose those too). I’ve been in “what the heck am I going to make” mode ever since! Stay tuned for where this one ends up. Your guess is as good as mine!


Color pull for Abstract Pretty | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #color #colour #fabrics

I don’t have a name, but I am F-I-R-E-D up about making her! Jenny, from Papper Sax Sten, was super sweet to send me a set of her Oval Drunkard’s Path templates and I finally had the chance to sit and just play over my summer holidays. And play I did. I drafted a crazy number of design ideas just based on these nifty little templates. There is one in particular that I just can’t wait to make. So excited, I keep looking at the drawing wistfully longing to make her! I know, I’m a serious quilt nerd, but when I can’t get a design out of my head, I just get so excited. She’s a little different, but I think you’re going to love her as much as I do. Here’s a pic of the fabrics I’m planning on ordering.


House of Cards Quilt | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernimprovquilting #quilt

This one stems from a fun play session. I had my Geometrical Flight Plan quilt scraps laying on my sewing table just tempting me. Tempting me, I tell you! As they say, resistance was futile. I dove in and just started piecing. And it was exactly what I needed at that time. It felt amazing. And I love the end result. She’s all basted up and now I’m just waiting for my thread order for some fun thread / quilty play.


Fantasy FQ Bundle | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #fatquarter #windhamfabrics

I keep changing my mind as to how I want to use this pretty collection by Sally Kelly for Whindham Fabrics. I have an idea though and I may need your input. More to come…


Reflections Wall Hanging | Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs #reflectionsquilt

I snuck in a little testing for Suzy for her latest Reflections quilt pattern release. Suzy is always a sure bet for a fun design and this one is super eye-catching, quick to piece and looks way more complex than it really is. Love those kinds of patterns!

Whew, that’s quite the list! And can you believe I feel like I’m missing something – ha! In any event, I’m certainly not lacking projects to keep me busy.

I’m just so excited to see what I can get accomplished in Q3. I’m linking up over on Dizzy Quilts and look forward to seeing your projects too!

But first, tell me what’s the one project you’re super fired up about finishing? Mine is my Abstract Pretty that I can’t wait to make and then share with you!

Happy quilting and good luck this quarter!



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  1. Oh My! I love every one of your projects!!! You've inspired me - I think I need a play day and make an improve mini quilt for my wall of quilts. I can't wait to see what you get finished this quarter. Thanks for joining for this quarter of the Finish-A-Long!

    1. Aw, so sweet of you! And you should totally plan a play date – they’re the BEST! Wishing you the best of luck this quarter too 😊