June 03, 2019

Rainbow Block | Showing love and support through quilting

Rainbow Block - Showing love & support through quilting | Shannon Fraser Designs #rawedgeapplique

I’m normally all about sharing the happy joyful stuff, because, well, life throws us enough curve balls that it can be nice to have a place to go to be cheered up.

I know life is not all about fabric, pretty colours and snuggly quilts.

But, here’s the thing, fabric, pretty colours and snuggly quilts is exactly what I turn to when I need more joy in my life.

Rainbow Block based on Jessica Swift Artwork | Shannon Fraser Designs #rainbow #quilting

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So, when Stephanie, from the Modern Sewciety,  reached out to say she needed help making blocks to make quilts for Jessica Swift after her husband suddenly passed, I was ALL in.

Even though I don’t know Jessica, I do know how life can be pretty cruel. And losing our loved ones is one the hardest parts about living and loving. I’ve experienced my own share of loss (which you can read more about here) and I’ve found so much comfort, understanding and support from our quilting community

Needle turn appliqué detail on Rainbow Block | Shannon Fraser Designs

Whether it be encouraging one another to keep at it, or to push ourselves outside of our comfort zone or just to send a little note saying we’re thinking of one another, I know we’re lucky to be a part of this tight knit group.

I know fiber art can’t fix everything, but, at the very least, it can take the form of a tactile hug that can be reached for whenever you’re in need.

To make the quilts even more special, Stephanie asked us to take inspiration from Jessica’s artwork that she created in the 100 days following her husband’s passing.

Which is exactly what I did here with these fun and colourful Cotton Couture solids leftover from my Marble Reverberance quilt

To keep the design feeling organic and keep the focus on the pops of colour, I opted for raw edge appliqué using 50wt Aurifil Thread

Stephanie did a great job pulling all the various blocks together and ultimately made 3 different quilts; one for Jessica and the other two for each of her children.

Rainbow quilt by Modern Sewciety | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinthewild

I share this today as a reminder of just how awesome quilters are and how the simple act of creating with textiles can be one of the best ways to show just how much we truly care.

Big hugs,



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  1. So sorry to hear about Jessica's husband's passing. Your quilt is beautiful, and yes quilting is always a happy place to go. Blessings.

    1. It really is amazing how healing quilting can be!