January 31, 2019

Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner

Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner | Shannon Fraser Designs

I’m not sure what was in the water back in August, but it was a month where I was clearly feeling all the Christmas vibes!

Not only did I design the Irish Vortex quilt pattern that was very much influenced by the holidays, I also started working on this Scandi holiday version of my Modern Aztec quilt pattern.

Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner | Shannon Fraser Designs

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I seem to be a on a table runner kick as well (check out the Figure Eight and Sonata projects for more table runner inspiration)! But they’re just so perfect. They’re small projects, so you can whip them together nice and quick. Since they’re smaller, you can also test out different quilting techniques. Plus, you don’t need a lot of fabric, which makes it a perfect scrap buster! That’s a win-win-win in my books!

Scandinavian inspired fabric pull for the Modern Aztec quilted table runner

Which is exactly what I did here. I love these Scandinavian inspired prints designed by Heather Rosas for Camelot Fabrics. These scraps have been hanging out in my fabric stash for years. The last project I made with them are these holiday quilted mug rugs I gifted to friends and family that Christmas.

There were some fun Art Gallery Fabrics’ Raise the Volume low volume prints leftover from my Modern Heart quilt I made for the Modern Sewcialites blog hop. I don’t often work with low volume prints, but I love how they add subtle movement and detail to the final design.

Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner | Shannon Fraser Designs

Quilting detail of the Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner | Shannon Fraser Designs

Back of the Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner | Shannon Fraser Designs

The backing was the stumbling block in getting this one done (well, and other quilty priorities too!). I really wanted to use more Raise the Volume prints, but I didn’t have enough. I then thought of just backing her fully in my favourite linen, but for some reason it just didn’t feel right. Then, out of nowhere, I decided to pull the scraps leftover from piecing the top and just started to play. All of a sudden, I was inspired, having fun and quickly pieced the backing together. Aren’t those the best kind of sewing sessions?!

The batting is also a trimming scrap that just fit. I have quite a few of those, so I anticipate more table runners in the future.

Scandinavian Inspired Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner | Shannon Fraser Designs

Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner | Shannon Fraser Designs

Despite starting this in August, she hung out on my design wall and sofa for months. So, I had little time to get this one quilted up before bringing her with me during the holidays to finish up the binding by hand. I focused on straight line quilting using my fave 50wt Aurifil Thread. The quilting follows the layout of the chevrons, which is one of the design elements I love most of the Modern Aztec pattern. What I was really excited about was finally getting to use that black and white striped print as binding. Ever since I purchased this during a big sale, I’ve been itching to use her – and I just love how it turned out.

Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner | Shannon Fraser Designs

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Here's the full list of materials featured in the Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner:

Heather Rosas prints from her Folklore collection (sadly, no longer available)
Waves of Echo from Raise the Volume 
White Noise from Raise the Volume 
Boxes in Black from Camelot Fabrics Heirloom collection (no longer available), but this print would work perfectly too!
50wt Thread for piecing and quilting 

Holiday Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner | Shannon Fraser Designs

She got finished just after the holidays, so no quite in time to use her this past holiday season. But I guess that just means I’m way ahead of the curve in my 2019 holiday planning!

In a pinch, I think the colourway could also be used for a Valentine’s Day celebration! Or, with the tulips and birds featured in the prints, it could even bring a feeling of Spring to your home décor. 

Either way, the Modern Aztec table runner pattern is super versatile – check out the Sonata Modern Aztec Table Runner for more inspiration.     

Modern Aztec Quilted Table Runner | Shannon Fraser Designs

I have a huge love for Scandinavian design and feel this table runner is a great combo of that influence and modern quilt design. Hope you love it too!

The Modern Aztec quilt and table runner patterns are now available!   

Happy quilting!



PS I’ll be knocking this one off my Q1 FAL 2019 list


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  1. Love, love, love your Modern Aztec runner, Shannon! You make color play look so fun!

    1. Aw, Tierney, that is so beyond sweet of you! I do love a good color play session 😉

  2. Love your runner...front, back and binding!❤️

    1. Thanks, my friend! I know you appreciate a good improv session too!

  3. This is awesome Shannon! I like the colours so much I would use this year-round! I also love making table runners - they really are fantastic when you want to use leftover batting, they make the perfect practice piece for FMQ (because they are narrow and you don’t need to fight with them) and they make great gifts!

    1. That is such a good idea, Izzy! I haven’t tried FMQ on a table runner yet, but that is definitely going on my list to try! Smart 😊

  4. What a happy table runner. I like how the topographical print gives some movement when you look closely. :)

    1. You’ve got a great eye, Yvonne! I was super pleased with that unexpected detail too 😊