August 22, 2018

Tribal Diamond Quilt | 2019 Quilter’s Planner Share the Love Blog Hop

Tribal Diamond Quilt Pattern Featured in 2019 Quilter's Planner | Shannon Fraser Designs

Don’t you love it when two of your favourite things come together? Like PB & J, or donuts & coffee or (my fave) tacos with guacamole – yummm, tacos and guac. Only thing missing is a mojito and we’ve got ourselves a party!

Ha! I digress, food does that to me ๐Ÿ˜‰ but you get the idea.

Tribal Diamond Quilt in a field | 2019 Quilter's Planner | Shannon Fraser Designs | Photo by Kitty Wilkin of Night Quilter
Tribal Diamond Quilt | Photo by Kitty Wilkin of Night Quilter | 2019 Quilter's Planner
And this is the very mood the Tribal Diamond quilt pattern featured in the 2019 Quilter’s Planner gives. Fun, bold and modern quilt pattern paired up with the planner of planners for quilters. It’s a yummy combo.

2019 Quilter's Planner Features

This pattern came to me way back in the fall of 2017. I don’t even really remember what prompted the design session, but I do remember how I felt while designing her. You know that excited feeling you get when you’re creating. It’s a positive and excited energy that makes you want to get up and MAKE it. As I played with the layout, I felt myself get more and more excited about what this design would feel like to piece and see come to life. I was so excited I wanted to make one NOW. But with other commitments to meet and, well, life, she sat as a digital idea until I noticed the call for quilt pattern submissions for the 2019 Quilter’s Planner.

And then the real fun began.

Tribal Diamond Quilt | Photo by Kitty Wilkin of Night Quilter | 2019 Quilter's Planner

I got the amazing news that my quilt had been selected to be featured in the magazine of patterns that comes with each planner. Yup, you get a planner to help you stay fully organized with both life and all your quilty projects, while also getting a glossy magazine full of quilt projects to go with it.

So, not only was it exciting to have her get accepted, but it also meant I got to make her. Cue – happy dance with slight trepidation on the realization that I actually had to MAKE her. Ha!

After going through my fabric colour cards on the hunt for just the right colours, I was super thrilled to find the exact matches from my original design available in Cotton Couture solids by Michael Miller Fabrics. It’s one thing to design a quilt, but when it comes time to find the right matching fabrics it can be hit or miss. It totally felt like hitting the colourway jackpot ๐Ÿ˜‰ (quilter’s version of gambling!).

Cotton Couture Solids from Michael Miller Fabrics featured in the Tribal Diamon Quilt by Shannon Fraser Designs

The excitement only continued when the package arrived and I unboxed the bold shades in LemonFlower, Raspberry, Jewel, and Bright White.

Cutting into them was easy – ha! I couldn’t wait to get them on the cutting table.

Cotton Couture fabrics cut + Tribal Diamond Quilt details | 2019 Quilter's Planner | Shannon Fraser Designs |

And as I saw the pieces start coming together it was gratifying. Something I had envisioned was coming to life – without too many hiccups ๐Ÿ˜‰

Funny what memories you associate with the piecing of a quilt. I totally remember piecing the top while my windows were being cleaned. And even he was take by the design as he saw it coming to life!

And the Tribal Diamond quilt is just one of 13 amazing quilt projects all laid out ready for you to be inspired by.

Here are some of the designers featured in this year’s magazine:

2019 Quilter's Planner Contributing Designers

2019 Quilter’s Planner Share the Love Schedule

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Tribal Diamond Quilt in a tree | 2019 Quilter's Planner | Shannon Fraser Designs | Photo by Kitty Wilkin of Night Quilter
Tribal Diamond Quilt | Photo by Kitty Wilkin of Night Quilter | 2019 Quilter's Planner
Pre-order the 2019 Quilter's Planner today and choose your cover

The 2019 Quilter’s Planners are currently open for pre-orders and I believe they start shipping September, so you can get an early start on planning your quilting projects for the new year – priorities, am I right?!

If you’re based internationally, here are a few alternative places to order your copy:

I use mine every day and can’t wait to get my hands on my 2019 planner so I can get planning!!

Happy Quilting!


PS I'm linking up with Alycia Quilts for TGIF and knocking it off my Q3 FAL list.

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  1. It's a beautiful quilt and design, Shannon. Congratulations!!

    1. Thank you so much, Yvonne! It’s been a fun ride ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. What a gorgeous quilt! Congrats on being in the planner! Your colors are amazing together!

    1. Thank you so much, Jayne! I feel so lucky to be a part of such an amazing and talented community ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Tacos, Guac, a gorgeous quilt and an amazing planner!! that makes for a good day! The colors on this one are stellar! they just pop!! congrats!

    1. Thank you so much, Alycia! Thrilled you like it! Now I just need to work on satisfying that taco and guac craving ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. This is a gorgeous quilt and I look forward to seeing the pattern in the planner. On behalf of the entire FAL crew, thanks for participating in FAL this year.

    1. Thank you so much, Lynne! Love participating in the FAL – it’s fun to see all the quilty projects everyone is working on ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. Hi Shannon - do you have a pattern for sale of your fabulous Tribal Diamond Quilt? Thank you.

    1. So thrilled you're interested in the Tribal Diamond pattern. It's currently available in the Quilter's Planner Magazine which accompanies your Quilter's Planner :)