June 22, 2018

Modern Heart Baby Quilt – Modern Sewcialites Blog Hop

Modern Heart Baby Quilt | Modern Sewcialites BOM Blog Hop | Shannon Fraser Designs | Art Gallery Fabrics | Sulky Threads | Hobbs Batting

Hearts. Who doesn’t love hearts?

They’re super cute and fun right?!

They’ve always been a favourite design of mine. I think I’ve shared before my love for a rainbow heart belt I had as a kid that I wore ALLLL the time! It was my prized possession and one I think of pretty regularly, wishing I still had it!

As much as I like hearts, baby quilts aren’t normally my thing.

I mean, they’re super cute and I love how quick they are to finish, but I love when a quilt is large enough to snuggle in. I have been known to wrap myself in an entire comforter leaving not an inch for anyone else, or so my grandmother told me when I was over for a sleepover once 😉 So, clearly, I have a thing for bigger blankets!

Here’s how this little cutie came to be.

Modern Heart Baby Quilt | Modern Sewcialites BOM Blog Hop | Shannon Fraser Designs | Art Gallery Fabrics | Sulky Threads | Hobbs Batting

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Little did I know that when Stephanie, from Modern Sewciety, invited me to participate in the Modern Sewcialites BOM blog hop that there would be so many first experiences in this cute little baby quilt – first time working with wool batting, first try using 30wt cotton Sulky Thread for hand binding, a new attempt at an FMQ design and a real departure from my usual style by opting to go with low volume fabrics! So, while she may be small (only 42" X 42"), she packs a whole lot of learnings into that tiny package.

If you haven’t heard of Modern Sewcialites before, it’s a subscription based sew-a-long just for us quilters.  Even if you’re not a member, you can follow along using #modernsewcilatesBOM on Instagram. Here are the February, March, April and May blocks I’ve made in this quilt a long (QAL) so far!

Modern Heart Baby Quilt | Modern Sewcialites BOM Blog Hop | Shannon Fraser Designs | Art Gallery Fabrics | Sulky Threads | Hobbs Batting

In my February Heart Block post, I shared how cute I thought the modern Heart block was and I could really see the fun of using this block in a baby quilt/ wall hanging. That’s what’s super fun about this QAL, Stephanie has designed each block as either a small block for the final BOM quilt or you can supersize the block and make a quilt featuring just that design. Love when patterns are so versatile.

In addition to lots of new learnings, I also made lots of new friends during this journey, which isn’t that always the best part of being part of our quilting community. Well, aside from getting to play with new fabrics and quilty goodies 😉


You know my love for Art Gallery Fabrics, so I was thrilled to be put in touch with Stephanie from Art Gallery Fabrics to coordinate fabrics. They were super kind to offer up a few of their latest Capsule Collections for us to pick from, including: Aligned, Nest, Raise the Volume, Campsite, as well as, any selection from their Pure Elements collection.

You know how much I love working with colour. But I was really drawn by the low volume Raise the Volume collection. Black and white is such a classic combo. Always fresh and crisp. And I loved even more how that colour combo was also paired with geometric patterns.

Raise the Volume & Pure Elements | Art Gallery Fabrics | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilting #quiltingcotton

I got really excited to see what the effect would be of juxtaposing that crispness with an ombré colourway. You’d get to see all of the value contrasts – exciting!

Do note that some of the whites are more off-white, which was tough to see online. I was a little surprised when they showed up, but they still work beautifully together.

For more inspiration on how to use the Raise the Volume collection check out the Look Book here

Modern Heart Baby Quilt | Modern Sewcialites BOM Blog Hop | Shannon Fraser Designs | Art Gallery Fabrics | Sulky Threads | Hobbs Batting


I was also super excited to meet Stephanie, from Hobbs Batting. I’d been wanting to test out their batting and I figured why not also try their Tuscany Wool Batting, which I’d been curious about for some time now.

Modern Heart Baby Quilt | Modern Sewcialites BOM Blog Hop | Shannon Fraser Designs | Art Gallery Fabrics | Sulky Threads | Hobbs Batting
Pips testing out and loving the wool batting!

The good news is, is that the fluff factor you would want from wool totally doesn’t disappoint. The bad news is I’m a smidge allergic. As in itchy watery eyes and an all over body itch kind of reaction. I thought it would be less intense once it was enclosed in fabric, but even hand binding led to the same itch factor.

So, at this point, I’m thinking wool is going to be a rare occurrence in my quilts. But it was fun to experiment with something other than cotton and it’s now got me wondering what bamboo would be like. Oh, the exploration that awaits!

Modern Heart Baby Quilt | Modern Sewcialites BOM Blog Hop | Shannon Fraser Designs | Art Gallery Fabrics | Sulky Threads | Hobbs Batting

Oh, and before I forget, quilting with such poufy materials makes quilting straight lines a challenge. Although, that might be unique to me 😉 Even though I marked my lines, the extra loft means things shift a little. Perhaps a good time to test out spray basting so all the layers are nice and smoothly stuck together. Something to think about.


Kelly from Sulky Threads also sent through these gorgeous threads to play with.

Cotton & Steel Threads | Sulky Threads | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltingthread #thread #quilting

Cotton and Steel 50wt thread (made by Sulky Threads) had been on my list to try out.  And I can say that they worked beautifully. I didn’t experience any thread breakage (either for matchstick quilting or FMQ); minimal thread dust and it looks amazing quilted. I even had the chance to test out the 30wt for hand binding, which worked wonderfully and seemed to tangle less than normal.


I initially wasn’t sure how I was going to quilt her. I knew I wanted the focus to be on the bold fabric contrast and cute colourful hearts. In keeping with the modern feel of the pattern, I knew I wanted to incorporate some matchstick quilting. What I hadn’t expected was that I would also work in these free motion quilted hearts. Ever since my first time free motion quilting loops on my Hexie Stripe Quilt, I’ve been wanting to give FMQing another go.

I figured hearts were kinda similar to loops…only, they’re not – ha! I had practiced the design quite a bit beforehand, but the test is never the same as the real Monty.

Having unpicked a few attempts, I finally just went with it. The hearts are certainly far from perfect, but I figure, just as I’ve come to love the imperfections on my first quilt, I will still love it and, one day, it will serve as a reminder of how far I’ve come in my quilting.

I love how much texture the different styles of quilting paired with the wool batting give to the hand feel of this quilt.  That was my goal and it was nice to see it accomplished.

It’s funny how I didn’t even question my binding choice when I selected my colourway. But as I was attaching it, I instantly thought the pale Quartz Pink would have been a better option. I think it would have allowed the red heart to really pop.

Modern Heart Baby Quilt | Modern Sewcialites BOM Blog Hop | Shannon Fraser Designs | Art Gallery Fabrics | Sulky Threads | Hobbs Batting

What’s fun is how quick this project came together. The blocks are super big and doesn’t require intense piecing, so you’re quilt top is literally done in an afternoon. I even managed to quilt her up pretty quickly, considering all that matchstick quilting I did.


Here's a round-up of the materials I used in this quilt:

C+S 50wt thread in bright white (piecing & quilting) 
Sulky 30wt thread in red (hand binding) 
Modern Heart Block from the #ModernSewcialitesBOM designed by Modern Sewciety 


For more fun featuring Art Gallery Fabrics Capsule Collections, be sure to hop over and visit:

Melanie Traylor from Southern Charm Quilts who created a stunning throw quilt with the Nest Capsule.

Holy-Anne Knight from String & Story made a house quilt featuring a combo of Raise the Volume and Pure Elements. Love how we used similar collections for totally different results. 

Rebecca from Hugs Are Fun made this Heart Throw Quilt. I love how we ended up reversing our use of the low volumes and solids!  

If you’re looking to join a fun quilting community and partake in the #modernsewcialitesBOM, hop over to Modern Sewcialites to sign up today. 

Modern Heart Baby Quilt | Modern Sewcialites BOM Blog Hop | Shannon Fraser Designs | Art Gallery Fabrics | Sulky Threads | Hobbs Batting

I may not consider this my best work, but here’s the thing, I learned a lot during this quilt journey. Sometimes you just gotta roll when things go awry (delivery mishaps, slight allergic reaction and lots of timeline interruptions). I love the puffiness of wool batting but need more practice quilting with such loft! 30wt Sulky thread is pretty kick-ass when it comes to hand binding. The stitches are slightly more visible, but I love how thick the thread is. Makes for sturdier stitches. And while baby quilts are not normally my jam, this modern version is certainly making me rethink that!

Loved this project and now I’m super curious about testing out bamboo batting!!

Happy quilting!



PS I'm knocking it off my Q2 FAL List.


  1. I do like bamboo batting and hope you give it a try; bummer to find you are that allergic to wool. I think the quilt is very sweet and I love the touch of hearts in the quilting.

    1. Oh, I’m even more excited to give bamboo batting a try now!! Aren’t we lucky to get to explore and try new things 😉

  2. There is nothing I don’t love about this sweet quilt! The low volume background adds such a nice level of interest and your quilting is sooooo sweet! The wobbles in the hearts give the quilt a sort of child feel to it, like they were drawn by a small child which I think is perfect. I’ve been thinking about trying Sulky threads - do you know if their rayon thread is recommended for garment sewing?

    1. I’m so happy you like this project, Izzy! And I love how you described the FMQ hearts 😊 I haven’t tackled garment sewing yet, so I can’t speak from experience. But these rayon threads are seriously shiny and pretty. I’ve been wanting to make some clothes and these threads are totally enticing me. Kelly, from Sulky Threads, is super knowledgeable and helpful, you should totally reach out for some guidance on garment thread options.

  3. That is a fabulous baby quilt pattern. Congrats on all the firsts! On behalf of the FAL crew, thanks for joining in!

    1. Thank you so much, that’s so sweet of you! And thank you for hosting such a fun linkup 😊