March 20, 2018

House Block | Modern Sewcialites March BOM

Modern Quilting House Block | March #modernsewcialitesBOM | Shannon Fraser Designs | #modernquilting #sewalong #quiltblock

There’s no place like home!

Dorothy certainly had that right 😉

To say I’m a homebody would be an understatement. I love being home. I’m wondering if this is a key characteristic of being a quilter?! Even though I enjoy travelling, I’m always happy to come home.

I also love everything about homes – from architecture to interior design – I adore it all – and even have the Pinterest boards here and here to prove it!

As a child, I used to love looking at homes in my neighborhood or go to opening houses with my mum when she was house hunting. Homes are one of my true loves, so I was excited when I noticed the March quilt Block of the Month (BOM) for Modern Sewcialites was a cute house!

Modern Quilting House Block | March #modernsewcialitesBOM | Shannon Fraser Designs | #modernquilting #sewalong #quiltblock

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I haven’t tackled a quilted house block since I designed and made some for the Montreal Modern 
Quilt Guild’s charity quilt drive for the Québec mosque shooting victims and families.

This time around, it was nice to have a happier reason for stitching her up.

Basket full of fabric scraps | Shannon Fraser Designs #workingmystashoff #nowaste #fabricscraps

Since I’m winging my colourway for this sew-along, I went fabric scrap diving to see what I could come up with. Given my February heart block has shades of coral featured, I thought it was probably wise to continue that theme. And let’s face it, coral is a fav of mine and I’ve got a TON of scraps in varying shades to prove it!

Modern Quilting House Block | March #modernsewcialitesBOM | Shannon Fraser Designs | #modernquilting #sewalong #quiltblock

What I enjoy most about scrap diving is that you end up pairing collections that you might not initially think would pair well. Like this Blue Pine print from Cathy Nordstrom’s Forest Talk winter collection and Amy Sinibaldi’s He Loves Me print from her Playground collection for Art Gallery Fabrics. One’s very winteresque and the other definitely has a spring/ summer feel. But I love them together. I think their colours compliment one another and the whimsical nature of both prints really play off one another. Love those kinds of happy pairings!

Materials used:

He Loves Me in blue in from Amy Sinibaldi’s Playground collection
Linen Texture in Baby Blue from Makower UK

Modern Quilting House Block | March #modernsewcialitesBOM | Shannon Fraser Designs | #modernquilting #sewalong #quiltblock

I wonder what April’s BOM fabric scrap dive will turn up!!

Looking for a fun sew-along to join? There’s still time to sign-up for the Modern Sewcialites monthly subscription  hosted by Stephanie from Modern Sewciety.

Happy quilting!



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