January 28, 2018

Stash Fabrics Design Star Challenge - Round 4

16 piece fabric bundle based on wanderlust theme with text overlay Design Star Challenge Round 4 by Shannon Fraser Designs

And the theme this round is super fun – all about wanderlust! Who doesn’t love a good travel destination?!

Although it’s been awhile since I was there, I have such fond memories of my time living in Japan. It was many moons ago, but it still feels like yesterday.

If you don't already know, I’m a history major. I’ve always loved learning about different cultures, where they came from and how societies evolved to where they are today. I spent a solid year and a half studying Japanese history and I was fascinated. But learning about a culture in books is one thing and actually packing your bags and heading half way around the world is entirely another.

16 piece fabric bundle featuring wanderlust theme of travels to Japan with text overlay Stash Fabrics Design Star Challenge 2017 by Shannon Fraser Designs

I didn’t speak the language.  In fact, I spent a good part of my 12-hour flight learning the basics – please and thank you – so I could at least be polite. Even though I was heading there to teach English as a second language, I did want to learn some basics and enrolled myself in private Japanese lessons while I was there. I was never fluent, but I can at least count 😉

My experience in Japan was life changing. I learned a whole new level of independence and the ability to just figure things out. I remember driving back to my house after teaching my first lesson and what should have been a 10-minute drive, turned into 45 minutes with a few moments of sheer panic setting in. After all, I couldn’t read the road signs to even tell someone where I was! But I finally found my way and learned to use landmarks to guide me until I knew my surroundings (a Shell gas station was a point of reference for months!).

What I loved most about my time there was meeting a ton of people, both locals and foreigners. I truly appreciated getting to see the world from different perspectives.

Plus, the surroundings are just stunning. Whether you want to experience city life or life in the countryside, Japan has it all to offer. I lived in a small town near the mountains and I adored living in an old style Japanese house, complete with a Japanese style toilet! The latter took me a minute to figure out how to use it – ha!

One of my fondest memories is the delectable food. It was SO oishii (yummy). From my first experience tasting sushi, to trying all the different ramens and discovering okonomiyaki (a true fave). The food is just to die for.

Japanese Temple in Toyama surrounded by Cherry Blossoms

On top the beautiful architecture, the vistas are just stunning. There really is something to appeal to everyone. Plus, you’re guaranteed to see something kawaii (cute)!

Which brings me to selecting fabrics for my bundle.

It all started with the beautiful cherry blossom print. I love flowers, and these captivated my attention. I loved cherry blossom season and am so thankful I got to experience it first hand.

From there, I wanted to showcase the diversity of the terrain – from cities, to mountains, to the sea – this little island has it all. Plus, there is always a festival in full swing with lots of lanterns strewn around to enhance the celebratory feeling.

16 piece fabric bundle based on wanderlust theme featuring light pinks and soft blues and low volume black and white fabrics by Shannon Fraser Designs

Yinghua in Cherrylight – Katarina Roccella 
Essex Yarn-Dyed in Aqua – Robert Kaufman 
Swimming Fish in White – Rae Ritchie 
Tea Pot in White Metallic – Melissa Mortenson 
Kitty Stripe in Cream – Dear Stella 
Buttercup in Blossoms – Amy Sinibaldi 
City in Morning – Kim Kight 
Dress Up in Blue – Melody Miller 
Essex Yarn-Dyed in Berry – Robert Kaufman 
Window Shopping in Steel – Patty Sloniger 
Zhu in Mist – Katarina Roccella 
Scallop Dot in White – Rae Ritchie  
Aerial in Tangerine – Carolyn Friedlander 
Lanterns in Blue – Melody Miller 

The voting for round 4 is now open and you can vote here every day, per device now through February 1, 2018.

Hopefully this pretty bundle and your kind votes will help get me through to the final round!




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