July 01, 2017

2017 Q3 Finish-A-Long Projects

Modern Quilting Works in Progress | Shannon Fraser Designs | Hexies | Quilting Fabrics | Floral | Anna Maria Horner | Kona Cotton | Essex Linen

It’s that time again! Time to share my progress on my Q2 Finish-A-Long projects and set new goals for the third quarter!!

This time around, I don’t feel like time has sped by. I’m feeling pretty good about this quarter’s accomplishments, even though I still haven’t knocked everything off my list.

Here’s how I netted out.

Works in Progress | Shannon Fraser Designs | Modern Quilting | Q3 2017 Finish-A-Long

The first project I finished was the black and white hexies table runner! This project was initially due last summer for the Riley Blake Designs challenge. Clearly, I missed the boat on that one. But, at least I still persevered through ALL that needle turn appliqué, which really isn’t my favourite! There is definitely something to be said for keeping at a project even when you’re not feeling that step. Once I got over that hurdle, the quilting and binding was easy peasy. So, in the end, I’m left with positive vibes for this project. Yay for that!

Black and White Hexie Table Runner | Shannon Fraser Designs | Kona Cotton | Riley Blake Designs | Needle Turn Appliqué | Straight Line Quilting | Modern Quilting

Here’s a quick shot, but I’m hoping to get some better photos and will share a full post on this project at a later date.

Remember this little center panel? Fun, right?!

Half Square Triangles | Shannon Fraser Designs | Fabric Scraps | Playground Fabric | Art Galley Fabrics | Shot Cottons by Kaffe Fasset | Modern Quilting

Well, I actually finished her off in April, but haven’t been able to get a good full-on shot. One, because I finished binding her up and literally gifted it the next day. So, photo time was short. Since then, I’ve been trying to take some in the wild shots up by the lake, but every single time I’ve tried, my attempts have been foiled by either a serious case of black fly season (worst ever) or unexpected downpours (starts off all sunny and just as I’m about to exit – here comes the storm)!

Spring Lilacs | Shannon Fraser Designs | Modern Improv Quilting | Playground Fabrics | Art Gallery Fabrics | Essex Linen | Kaffe Fasset Shot Cotton | Working my stash off

What I can say about this beauty is that she feels AMAZING! The mix of Playground fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics, the Kaffe Fasset shot cottons and the Essex Linen in Flax all add their own textural feel. Both the prints and shot cottons are beyond soft and lightweight. While the Essex Linen adds beautiful weight and a little more of a textural feel to the quilt. Another project that was inspired by scraps from my Playtime quilt – love that!!

Spring Lilacs | Shannon Fraser Designs | Modern Improv Quilting | Playground Fabrics | Art Gallery Fabrics | Essex Linen | Kaffe Fasset Shot Cotton | Working my stash off

I had a couple of secret projects on my list that I couldn’t share many details about. But now I can!!

First up is my Spring is in the Air quilt that I designed featuring Tamara Kate’s latest fabric collection for Michael Miller Fabrics called Frolic. You can read all about that quilt here. And find the pattern for this beauty here.

Spring is in the Air Quilt | Modern Baby Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs | Nursery Decor | Wall Hanging | Textile Art | Modern Quilting

Fabric scraps once again inspired my second secret project! This time, I had a bunch of triangles left over from the flying geese featured in the Spring is in the Air quilt that I couldn’t resist playing with. And that led to the creation of my Rainbow Plus mini quilt! I love these bonus projects you get from scraps 😊 You can read more about this cutie here. And due to popular request, I’m working on the pattern for you too! UPDATE - you can now get the Plus Infinity Mini Quilt Pattern here.

Rainbow Plus Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs | Modern Quilting | Wall Hanging | Textile Art | Michael Miller Fabrics | Frolic Fabric Collection

I’ve made some progress on my Pink Lemonade quilt. But, this one is a leisurely project that I am savouring every stitch. So, this one only gets worked on when I’m in need of some quiet contemplative stitching. I love how it is coming along and look forward to hitting the binding stage. It might be this quarter or next. Either one is fine by me. UPDATE - you can now find the Pink Lemonade quilt pattern here.

Pink Lemonade Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs | Modern Baby Quilt | Hand Quilted | Aurifil Thread | Kona Cotton | Baby Girl Quilt | Modern Nursery Decor

I am seriously straggling on my Molinari challenge. I’ve still got the exact same amount of thread burying left to tackle as last time I checked in! I haven’t touched it at all this quarter. Hopefully that changes this time around, so I can clear the decks and focus on some new projects.

Molinari Quilt |  Shannon Fraser Designs | Modern Triangle Quilt | Kona Cotton | Thread Burying | Machine Quilting

The last project I had included on my Q2 list was a new quilt featuring my Medallion Squared paper piecing pattern. Things changed on my end, and so, I’m not sure whether I plan on continuing with this one or not. I’m playing this one by ear.

Kona Solids | Modern Baby Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs | Quilting Cotton

All in all, I got 4 of my 7 projects completed, which ain’t too shabby!

In addition to the 3 projects I'm carrying forward from last quarter, I’ve got a few new projects to add to my list!!

First up is my 100-days of modern improv quilting projects, which I’m hoping to wrap up in the next month of so.

100-day Modern Improv Quilting | Shannon Fraser Designs | Creative Challenge | Color Blocking | Kona Cotton | Bold Color |

I’ve also got a small stack of improv orphan blocks that I plan on hand stitching and framing.

100-day Modern Improv Quilting | Shannon Fraser Designs | Creative Challenge | Color Blocking | Kona Cotton | Bold Color | Hand Quilting

One of my favourite things to do is test quilt patterns. Although I would have never thought this of myself, I actually really dig quilt math! Sometimes it makes my head hurt 😉 but, generally speaking, I enjoy sitting down and figuring out whether everything adds up. 

This Hexie Stripe quilt designed by Suzy Quilts is a stunner! I adore the fabrics I chose – they just make me happy 😊 The quilt top is all stitched together, I just need to stop deliberating which backing I want to use and get on with it. My initial plan was to use Essex Linen in Flax as the backing. It’s still my go-to, so, I think I just need to accept that and get her basted. I’ve already got my binding stitched and ready, so, it should be a quick finish once I decide!

Blooming Peonies Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs | Hexie Stripe Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts | Modern Quilt | Hexies | Anna Maria Horner Floral | Kona Cotton

I had an extra hexie block from my Hexie Stripe quilt and I decided to play a little with it. At this point, I think I’ll turn it into a pillow.

Hexie | Shannon Fraser Designs | Anna Maria Horner Floral | Kona Cotton | Essex Linen | Modern Quilting

I was super flattered and excited when I was approached by RJR Fabrics to participate in their What Shade Are You series. I’ve got a couple of quilt designs and colourways that I’m trying to decide on. Just look at all these fabulous colours and I think you will understand my dilemma!

RJR Fabrics Cotton Supreme Color Cards | What Shade Are You? | Shannon Fraser Designs | Quilting Cotton | Solids Quilt | Modern Quilting | Color

While I was working on my Spring is in the Air and Rainbow Plus quilt projects, I started playing with some of the scraps and created a hand quilted pillow cover. The top is all finished, I just need to make the backing and pull it all together.

Big Stitch Hand Quilting | Shannon Fraser Designs | Aurifil Thread | Modern Quilting

During this quarter, I should see my Sewcial Bee Sampler, hosted by Sharon Holland and Maureen Cracknell, come to an end. This has been such a fun project! I’ve loved the community aspect of this sew-along and the encouragement everyone has been showing one another. Such a joy to witness! I’m particularly excited to see how this one pulls together, as I’ve really loved making each block. You can see my progress for row 1, row 2 and row 3. Row 4 and 5 are still in the works! You can follow along by checking out my #sewcialbeesamplersfDesigns hashtag on Instagram.

Sewcial Bee Sampler Row 2 | Shannon Fraser Designs | Working my stash off | Modern Quilting | Coral Pink and Burgundy | Sew A Long | Quilting Community

A quick last minute update!! I came back from vacation and got started pattern testing Suzy Quilts' latest pattern called the Maypole quilt. This one is super fun and beyond quick - don't you just love those?! I literally had the top stitched in less than a day - woot woot. Now to find time to baste her :)

Maypole Quilt by Suzy Quilts | Shannon Fraser Designs | Michael Miller Fabrics Luxe Collection | Modern Quilting | Quilt in a day

I’ve got a busy quarter ahead of me!!

Works in Progress | Shannon Fraser Designs | Modern Quilting | Q3 2017 Finish-A-Long

I’ll be linking up over on Izzy of Dizzy Quilts’ blog and hope you stop by and check out everyone else’s projects and progress!!

Happy quilting my friends!



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  1. I can bet that picking the "What Shade Are You" bundle must be hard! I hope you have a wonderful Q3. :)

    1. It is sooo tough, Yvonne!! Too many awesome colors to choose from! Not a bad problem to have 😉

  2. I love all your finishes but that quilt with your Playground fabric scraps is absolutely stunning! Have fun with your Q3 projects. :-) On behalf of the global FAL hosts, thank you for playing along with us this quarter.

    1. Thank you, Izzy! I have a soft spot for my Spring Lilacs quilt too! Always fun to see what you can create just being inspired by fabric scraps!!

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