August 02, 2016

Happy Coloring Book Day

I have always loved arts and crafts. It’s one of the few subjects that I actually won an award in high school. It was also my favourite segment on the Polka Dot Door. Do you remember that show? Yeah, that’s going back a few decades ;) But it gives you an idea of how long being creative has been my happy place!

I’m not sure if I just wasn’t “in the know” back then, but I don’t seem to recall there being an official coloring book day when I was a kid. Do you?!

In any event, I’m quite happy that I finally jumped on the adult coloring book bandwagon! It’s about time, as I’ve been eyeing all these fun options for quite awhile.

During my weekly trip to Costco, I noticed they had a few options and I opted for Wild Savannah by Mollie Marotta.

There is a lot of detail in her designs, which I thought would be perfect for stress release and engaging my quilter’s mind with all those different shapes!

I also found these Bic markers in the and around the same area as the book. I would caution using these though, as they severally bleed through the page, making detailed work difficult. Not to mention ruining the other pages in the process.  But they are really pretty!

I’m still hoping to use them while quilt designing, but the bleeding has me a little concerned. Time will tell!

I got my loot home only to realize I can’t write, never mind draw, at the moment - duh! So they're just sitting there waiting and looking pretty!

Have you succumbed to the adult coloring book trend?! If so, what was your go-to? I see Tula Pink has her own version, which I would have been ALL over had I know beforehand!




  1. Oh, you poor thing! They'll be even more fun when you're able to use them! My daughter and I got a gorgeous coloring book a while back to color in together. It's amazing how therapeutic it is!

    1. What a lovely activity to do with your daughter, Amanda! Therapeutic...that's the word I was looking for earlier today :)

  2. I haven't gotten on the colouring book bandwagon but my daughter has and she loves it. I hope you're all healed really fast so you can start enjoying yours. :-)

  3. To avoid the bleeding onto other pages, we tear the page out of the book before coloring. Or . . . you could use colored pencils.

    1. Oh, that's a great tip, Janice!! Thank you! I'll be sure to give it a go :)