July 16, 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long Q3 Projects

I'm cutting it close with my post; today being the last day to link up for Q3 of the 2016 Finish-A-Long

But before getting to my Q3 list, let's recap my Q2 progress.

So, Q2 of the Finish-A-Long wasn’t as productive as I had hoped. I only got 2 of my 4 projects completed.

This butterfly pillow, hand quilted just for my mum.

Hand Quilted Butterfly Pillow Shannon Fraser Designs

And this custom quilt, Blue Odyssey, I designed for a client.

Blue Odyssey Quilt Shannon Fraser Designs

50% isn’t usually what I strive for, but in all fairness, I’ve been out of commission for the last couple of weeks due to a severe case of tendinitis in my right hand.

Clearly I need to ease up on all the hand quilting work I’ve been doing, but it’s just so fun! In any case, the splint has really put a damper on my daily activities and I’m limited to using my left hand only. Ugh!

I’m hoping that the 6 weeks of recovery will do the trick and see my right hand back to full form by mid August (fingers crossed).

Once I’m back, I’m hoping to tackle the following projects:

Riley Blake Table Runner

Black and White Quilted Jewels Hex-N-More Ruler

I made great headway on this Riley Blake challenge, considering I changed the design when I first started cutting. It became a total improv project, which, for me, are never quick.  Plus my first attempt at needle turn appliqué is proving longer than anticipated (and not a technique I’m hurrying back to – am I missing something?!). So that’s where it sits. About halfway appliquéd and sitting in the very same pile as the next project on my list!

Weight of Love Quilt

I know what I want to do with my Weight of Love Quilt, I just need to find time to appliqué my completed hexie to a white backing. Then I’ll be able to move onto the fun of quilting her up. 

I’m keeping my list to these two projects.  And, looking at it, I realize both involve heavy hand work. Maybe not the best projects to be tackling right when I get my splint off. I’m keeping positive and linking up anyways.

What are some key projects you would like to finish up?

Happy quilting!




  1. I really hope your hand is going to be back to normal soon - being in pain really, really sucks! I can't wait to see your finished Weight of Love quilt, the colours you chose are just so awesome.

    1. Me too, Izzy! Being limited like this really isn't fun! Hope you're getting to spend lots of time up at the cottage :)

  2. Oh man! What a bummer to have your hand out of commission. I'd have trouble just coping, but you seem so upbeat and positive! That's a great attitude, and maybe it'll help to heal your hand even faster! You have a small list but that makes it perhaps easier to get done this quarter. Good luck with the finishes. I'm doing FAL too and my list is massive! What I wouldn't give for a short list.

    1. Total bummer, Jennifer! But, yes, I'm trying to stay positive and look on the bright side :) Good luck with your finishes as well, I'll be keeping an eye out for yours!

  3. The projects you've selected for this quarter are lovely. I hope your hand starts to feel better soon.

  4. I absolutely love every quilt in this post! The Blue Odyssey has me just itching to make another HST quilt to hand quilt. Your colors are so lovely. My last one was a two color quilt, but I think a monochromatic one is in my future. The palette on the Weight of Love quilt is wonderful, too. The butterfly pillow is so sweet with the lovely stitching...perfection. And, your Riley Blake table runner had me chuckling. We could be soul mates. I struggled with this challenge, too. First I tried paper piecing and I loved the design possibilities, but quickly realized I would never finish it in time. Then I tried improv, and I now have many bits that are interesting, but they never really inspired me as a whole composition. I was working with very limited solids, so that added to the problem. Eventually, I gave up on the challenge, but I'm going to turn the pieces into a table runner or placemats. Take care of that tendinitis, and really take it easy when you are released to begin doing hand work again!

    1. You are just so sweet, Marla!! I so feel your pain on the Riley Blake challenge. I honestly thought it was going to be a more straightforward process. Gotta love the quilting journey - you never know where it will take you!! I can't wait to see your Riley Blake table runner - too funny that we both ended up making table runners :) And I will definitely go easy on the hand, I really don't want to wind out of commission for several weeks again!