April 13, 2016

2016 Finish-A-Long – Q2 Project List

Thanks to a fellow guild member’s blog Dizzy Quilts, written by the lovely Izzy, I have learned about the 2016 Finish-A-Long project.  This started back in January, but it appears you can join at the beginning of each quarter.  For Q2, the deadline is April 16, 2016.

Since I have quite a few projects I want to tackle this year, I thought this would be a good way of keeping me on track, motivated and accountable.  Not to mention the fun of seeing everyone else’s projects and finishes!

By the end of June, I'm hoping to finish the following projects:

1. Custom Quilt: 

I have to have this one done by April 22, 2016 as that is the agreed upon delivery date with my client.  I ran into a little bit of a snag with one of the blues, so my timelines are tighter than anticipated.  Fingers crossed no other issues pop up ;)

2. Butterfly Pillow: 

After tackling paper piecing for the first time earlier this year, I have one butterfly block left.  Good thing too, as I just received a specific request from my mum to have a butterfly pillow made just for her.  I always say things happen for a reason!

3. Riley Blake Challenge: 

Thankfully the deadline for this challenge got extended to May 31, 2016!  I have the design plotted out.  The fabric washed and ironed.  Now to get to tackle the cutting, piecing, quilting and binding!  This will be the next project I tackle after the custom quilt.

4. Libs Elliott Weight of Love Quilt: 

I'm hoping to get my Weight of Love Quilt finished by the end of June.  I don’t love the idea of having unfinished projects lying around.  So I'm hoping to squeeze this one in sometime in June.  The hexie is done, I just need to appliqué it to a backing, quilt her up and then bind.

Not as many projects as others have on the go, but that isn't the point.  Rather, this is to encourage us to finish the projects we have on the go, have fun along the way and meet some fellow quilters.  That is what quilting is all about after all ;)

The hosts of the Finish-A-Long are:
There are some rules that need to be adhered to, which can be found here along with all the important dates and deadlines.

To participate and be eligible for prizes…yes! There are prizes J But you need to be sure to link up during the eligibility period.  

So here I am linking up with the list of projects I plan on tackling, which officially kicks off my registration for this fun Finish-A-Long!!




  1. Your Weight of Love project is gorgeous! So calm, fresh and spicy at the same time. I love it.

    1. Thank you, Francine!! I'm happy I followed my gut on this colourway :)

  2. This is a great list Shannon! I can't wait to see that butterfly pillow and you know I'm in love with your Weight of Love! Good luck finishing everything! :-)

    1. Thank you, Izzy!! I've made great progress on the custom quilt and hoping that momentum continues ;)

  3. Hi I'm Velda Roy and I'm taking part in the New Bloggers group. I love your blog, it's so clean and professional looking.

    1. That is so sweet of you and very encouraging, Velda! Little by little, I feel like it is getting to where I want it to be ;)

  4. Welcome to the FAL - it really is very motivating. I love your Weight of Love quilt - scrolled down and read all about how it came about. It's going to be gorgeous. Good luck with your finishes!

    1. Thank you for the welcome, Abigail! Is this your first time participating in the FAL as well?