December 01, 2015

Advent Calendar

Happy first day of December! I'm so excited...the countdown is officially on!!

AND this is the first year I get to put up the handmade Advent Calendar I made for the hubz last year J

I decided to make it out of felt so that it matched the stocking bags (yes bags, since traditional stockings wouldn't hold all the stocking stuffers we get!) I made for the family a few years back. 

We both love the holiday season and often find the lead up and preparation to be the best part!  So why not enjoy it with a little daily surprise? 

Not only do we get chocolates (can you see the little Santa head popping out from day 17?!), but I'm also excited to see what's behind each door!  I can't remember them all, but there is a unique design just waiting to be revealed each day!!

The decorations are up, the Christmas music is playing and now all we need is a big snowstorm to ensure it’s a white Christmas ;)  

I would love to know what tradition you enjoy this time of year?  Share it on Instagram and tag me @shannonfraserdesigns so we can all get in on the holiday fun!!



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