November 08, 2018

How to Bury Quilt Threads | Quilting Tutorial

How to bury quilt threads + 5 top tips | Quilting Tutorial | Shannon Fraser Designs

This stumped me for the LONGEST time.

So much so, that even if I ran out of bobbin thread near the end of a quilting line, I would still unpick the ENTIRE line so that I could start again. Ugh. Let’s avoid that craziness, shall we?!

Until finally one day I was tackling a quilt that needed to have quilting that started and stopped within the design elements. Since I wanted to avoid back stitching for a more seamless look, I really needed to figure this out.

November 01, 2018

Figure Eight Table Runner | Modern Quilts Block by Block Book by Emily Dennis

Figure Eight Table Runner | Pattern from Modern Quilts Block by Block book by Emily Dennis | Shannon Fraser Designs

You know when you receive a new book and you instantly want to sit down and start reading it? 

That’s exactly how I felt when I received Emily Dennis’ new book Modern Quilts Block by Block.

I, unfortunately, did have to restrain myself and hold off until later that night, but ohhh did I ever look forward to some quilty night reading.

After snuggling into bed on a chilly night, I was thrilled to see Emily didn’t disappoint!

October 26, 2018

Quilted Mint Block | Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine #gingerbreadqal

Quilted Mint Sweet Block | Love Patchwork & Quiltling #gingerbreadQAL | Shannon Fraser Designs

Are you a tiny piecing lover?

I know it’s not everyone’s fave, but I just adore tiny piecing. You can see just how much I adore it in my 100-Days of sfD Improv and 100-Days of sfDMinis projects.

And if you’re a tiny piecing lover but prefer not to use foundation paper piecing (FPP), then have I got the project for you!

October 18, 2018

Irish Vortex Quilt Pattern - Fat Quarter Friendly!

Irish Vortex Quilt Pattern | Modern Star Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs

Have I got a fun pattern for you today!

It can be scrappy. It can be colourful. It can even be Christmassy!

In fact, I designed this pattern with Christmas in mind. So many quilt patterns that are designed with the holidays in mind tend to be very specific to that time. But I wanted to give you an option that would look amazing as a Christmas quilt (cause the holidays are coming...eek!), but could still look great with any fabrics you have in your stash.

Versatility was key.

This mash up of the ninja star with the classic Irish chain design just fit that bill perfectly! And the Irish Vortex quilt pattern was born!

October 11, 2018

The Ever Expanding WIP of a Modern Quilter | Q4 2018 Finish-A-Long Proposed Projects

The ever expanding WIP of a modern quilter | Q4 2018 FAL | Shannon Fraser Designs


Did you realize there are less than 3 months left of 2018?!

And I already know there won’t be a whole heck of a lot of making going on in December with the Holidays being the focus (time with family, vacation, prep time, etc, etc.)

So, that means I’ve got to hustle in the next little bit to tackle the projects, both old and new, that I’d love to see finished before the New Year.

October 05, 2018

The Quilter’s Planner 2019 + GIVEAWAY!!!

The 2019 Quilter's Planner Review + Giveaway | Shannon Fraser Designs

What are your quilty plans for 2019?

Have a bunch of WIP (works in progress) you want to clear off your list? If you’re a quilter, then I KNOW you have a WIP list 😉 I think it’s in our quilty DNA to have such a list!

Perhaps you have some new quilt projects you’ve been meaning to tackle but keep getting distracted (see point above!)?

Or, maybe you’re a hard core sew-a-long participant or bee block & swap lover and have some key dates you need to be on top of?

September 20, 2018

The “F” Quilt – A Modern Improv Log Cabin

The "F" Quilt - an exploration of feelings through improv quilting | Shannon Fraser Designs

This quilted wall hanging has been a WIP since the fall of 2017!

It all started as an outlet to just play. No pattern. No rules. Just me and my scraps leftover from my Plus Infinity Quilt.

It’s interesting to see a project evolve when you have no end point in mind.