June 25, 2019

Summer Solstice Mini Art Quilts | Featuring new to me Aurifloss

Summer Solstice Mini Art Quilts | Shannon Fraser Designs

I shared with you not too long ago why I love Aurifil Threads and in that post I also mentioned that I was thrilled to be part of the Aurifil family as an Aurifil Artisan. 

A perk of being an Aurifil Artisan is getting fun mail that has lots of goodies for me to test out!

And test out is exactly how I’ve decided to kick things off!

June 20, 2019

Aurifil Artisan Collection 2019

Aurifil Artisan Collection 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs

The thread has arrived!!

And not just any thread – no, this is the good stuff all the way from Italy 😉

Honestly, it was kinda cool to receive a package from Italy. Having never been, it feels cool to at least have a piece of a place I want to visit. Surely, I’m not the only one who geeks out over thread and a parcel’s origins?

June 03, 2019

Rainbow Block | Showing love and support through quilting

Rainbow Block - Showing love & support through quilting | Shannon Fraser Designs #rawedgeapplique

I’m normally all about sharing the happy joyful stuff, because, well, life throws us enough curve balls that it can be nice to have a place to go to be cheered up.

I know life is not all about fabric, pretty colours and snuggly quilts.

But, here’s the thing, fabric, pretty colours and snuggly quilts is exactly what I turn to when I need more joy in my life.

May 16, 2019

Fall Irish Vortex | Time to bust open those fat quarter bundles!

Fall Irish Vortex Quilt | Shannon Fraser Designs

Versatility – isn’t that one of the best things about a quilt pattern?

Being able to use the same steps, but come out with an entirely different look and feel?

Yes!!! Me too!

That’s what I love about the Irish Vortex quilt pattern – you have lots of options to play!

May 09, 2019

Why I love Aurifil Thread | 2019 Aurifil Artisan

Why I love Aurifil Thread | 2019 Aurifil Artisan | Shannon Fraser Designs

When I first started sewing and quilting, I never really gave much thought to my thread. In fact, I discounted it all together and just focused on what was readily available at my local big box fabric store and whether the colour matched my project.

Then I heard it mentioned that thread is the glue that keeps your project together. And something clicked for me; I’ve never seen thread in the same way since!

From that point on, I’ve been on the hunt to find the best threads.

April 11, 2019

Latest state of a modern quilter's WIP list | Q2 Finish-A-Long 2019 Projects

Latest state of a modern quilter's WIP list | Q2 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs


And just like that, the first quarter of 2019 is a wrap!

The New Year started off with a bang! I was making quilty plans. And sticking to them!
And then – eerrrrk – everything came screeching to a halt!

It’s amazing how our priorities can shift in an instant. In March, my family needed my attention and I shifted things so I could be present. One of the reasons why I love what I do is that I can make the call to stop if I need to. And if not for family, then when, right? So, my progress was a little spotty in the month of March, but I was on quilty fire at the beginning of the year!

March 28, 2019

Hearts for Christchurch | Call to action

Hearts for Christchurch | Call to action for quilt drive | Shannon Fraser Designs

Have you seen the call out? Your help is needed.

When I heard the news about the attack on the mosques in New Zealand, it immediately conjured memories of the attack on the mosque in Quebec City and the call the action organized by the Montreal Modern Quilt Guild not so long ago.

It breaks my heart that another call to action is needed, but it’s amazing how quickly word spreads in our community and how many people jump into action to help out.