August 11, 2019

Harvest Falls Quilt & Wall Hanging | Featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine Issue 76

Harvest Falls Quilt & Wall Hanging featured in Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt

Have you ever received an email that just made your day?

This is exactly what happened one very cold winter day during my Christmas holidays. I was up North at the cottage in full on relaxed mode as we were celebrating our favourite time of year. I don’t normally check my emails while on vacation, but for some reason I took a little peek. And boy am I 
happy I did!

July 25, 2019

Rocksteady Quilt | Modern Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts

Let me start off by saying, don’t take the amount of time it took me to complete this quilt as any indication of how much I love this quilt pattern. The fact that she was pieced well over a year ago and just hanging out draped over the back of my sofa patiently waiting to be quilted has no bearing on how much I adore this pattern.

Then again, let’s face it, I adore Suzy Quilts’ patterns. They’re fun to make and always full of eye candy. The Rocksteady pattern is no exception. In fact, I’d say it’s one of my favourite patterns of Suzy’s (well, until she releases another epic pattern and then that one will be my new fave 😉). I love how the design is so harmonious and has lots of movement, which is fun to see take shape as you piece her up.

July 18, 2019

Flight Plan Quilt Pattern | Modern Triangle Quilt Pattern

Flight Plan Quilt Pattern | Modern Triangle Quilt by Shannon Fraser Designs #trianglequilt #modernquiltpattern

She’s finally here! The Flight Plan quilt pattern is now available for instant PDF download!

I wasn’t sure if this pattern would see the light of day!

She was a long time in the making as I tested, tested and tested those templates some more, but you asked for her and so I stuck with it to deliver her to you!

July 14, 2019

Checking in on that quilty to-do list | Q3 Finish-A-Long 2019 Proposed Finishes

Q3 Finish-a-Long 2019 | Checking in on that quilty to-do list | Shannon Fraser Designs #quiltsinprogress #wip

Ugh, this was not a productive quarter as far as FAL goes.

I know these months happen, but man is it eye opening and a little discouraging to see that I only knocked off a couple of things from my Q2 FAL list

But I’ll take any progress, because two in particular have been hanging out for awhile. And it felt really good to knock them off my to-quilt list (not to mention a mental weight too!).

June 25, 2019

Summer Solstice Mini Art Quilts | Featuring new to me Aurifloss

Summer Solstice Mini Art Quilts | Shannon Fraser Designs

I shared with you not too long ago why I love Aurifil Threads and in that post I also mentioned that I was thrilled to be part of the Aurifil family as an Aurifil Artisan. 

A perk of being an Aurifil Artisan is getting fun mail that has lots of goodies for me to test out!

And test out is exactly how I’ve decided to kick things off!

June 20, 2019

Aurifil Artisan Collection 2019

Aurifil Artisan Collection 2019 | Shannon Fraser Designs

The thread has arrived!!

And not just any thread – no, this is the good stuff all the way from Italy 😉

Honestly, it was kinda cool to receive a package from Italy. Having never been, it feels cool to at least have a piece of a place I want to visit. Surely, I’m not the only one who geeks out over thread and a parcel’s origins?

June 03, 2019

Rainbow Block | Showing love and support through quilting

Rainbow Block - Showing love & support through quilting | Shannon Fraser Designs #rawedgeapplique

I’m normally all about sharing the happy joyful stuff, because, well, life throws us enough curve balls that it can be nice to have a place to go to be cheered up.

I know life is not all about fabric, pretty colours and snuggly quilts.

But, here’s the thing, fabric, pretty colours and snuggly quilts is exactly what I turn to when I need more joy in my life.