Thursday, 16 June 2016

Over The Hills – A Quilt Pattern Test

I’m “over the hills” excited to have connected with Suzy from Suzy Quilts to help test out her new pattern about to be released.  I mean, how could I not be?!  I not only get a sneak peak at her gorgeous work before it hits the market, but I also get to share my feedback and feel like I contributed in a small way – yay!!

I haven’t known Suzy for very long, but I just adore her work and the fun YouTube tutorials she shares. 

Ok, so now for the fun part – my pattern testing experience J

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Quilted Butterfly Pillow - Q2 FAL

This was such a fun project to tackle.  It came about after my mum reached out and specifically asked me to make her a pillow featuring one of the paper pieced butterflies I made. She’s known for her love of throw pillows and I was touched that she wanted my creation featured in her space.

Since the colour scheme requested was the same as my first series, I thought “perfect”, I can use the last of the 3 butterflies I made!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The Splendid Sampler - Block 16

I discovered The Splendid Sampler through my awesome Instagram community.  Haven’t heard of the Splendid Sampler?  Well it’s a fun quilt adventure being hosted by Pat Sloan & June Davidson in which 100 blocks will be shared throughout the year.  Two blocks are released each week and are free for download the first year, after which they will be converted into a book for sale.

You can follow along as the patterns are released, or take it at your own pace.  I'm fitting them in where I can.  Mainly when I need a quick break from a current work in progress J

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

May is for Makers: Patterns 4 & 5

Oh my, where has May gone?! This month has just flown by! Before May officially comes to an end, I wanted to share the last two patterns I purchased in support of May is for Makers.

During these past few weeks, I've found so many amazing patterns, which has made it such a challenge to narrow down my selection. I have been back and forth over my now extensive list of options and finally opted for the cutest pin cushion and a stunning paper pieced star.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

May is for Makers: Handmade Style

My third purchase for May is for Makers was a little easier this time.  I have been eyeing this book, by Anna Graham from Noodlehead, for quite awhile now.  Specifically, because I've been wanting to make the Market Tote. I mean it’s the cutest thing and I want one!

I do have this thing with bags (and shoes…), but I really think it will come in handy for trips to the farmer’s market.  Plus, I think it will make hauling around my quilts in progress much easier.  At least that’s what I'm telling myself J

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

May is for Makers: Pattern 2 - Shimmer

Ok – the hardest part about participating in May is for Makers is figuring out which patterns to purchase!  There are so many talented designers out there, that I just want to buy every one I see! Which I would, but then I wouldn't have any funds for the fabric. And quilt patterns without fabric really would be a problem!

The first pattern I purchased was a no brainer.  I'm not sure if it was because I saw it right after hearing about May is for Makers, or if the colourway (which I had been envisioning for weeks) just spoke to me, but it was a total no brainer. I saw it.  Loved it.  And bought it. Easy.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Maple Leaf Blocks #quiltsforFortMac

It is just devastating to see the destruction that has occurred in Fort McMurray... mother nature can be so fierce and unrelenting at times.  And these wildfires are a perfect example of that.  As I've been watching the news and hearing about all the misfortune that has befallen the residents of Fort McMurray, I kept thinking about how I could give back.

The next day I saw Stacey’s Instagram post for #quiltsforFortMac and it just warmed my heart. Here again was an great example of how kind, generous and thoughtful our quilting community really is. And to see the level of participation coming from areas all over the world just confirms how connected we really are, despite the physical distance we might feel.