December 13, 2017

2017 Ultimate Holiday Stocking Stuffers Guide for Quilters

2017 Ultimate Holiday Stocking Stuffers Guide for Quilters | Shannon Fraser Designs | Sewing Notions & Tools | Quilting | Quilt Essentials | Chritmas Stocking Stuffers

I LOVE stocking stuffers!

I think I prefer them to actual gifts!!

And our family is BIG on them. So big, in fact, I made each family member their own unique BAG. That’s right, not a stocking, a full-on bag! We’ve got that much loot that a stocking just doesn’t cut it!

These stocking bags were one of the first projects I tackled when I started sewing. I even talked about them during my chat with Stephanie on the Modern Sewciety Podcast 😉 Can you say obsessed?!

So, I’m in a unique position to highlight some of the ultimate stocking stuffers for quilters.

I know I shared my 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters the other week, but stocking stuffers is where it’s AT. And have I got the list for you!

Settle in my friends. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy all the quilty eye candy I’m about to share with you!!

December 07, 2017

Stash Fabrics 2017 Design Star Challenge – Round 3 Voting is Open

Stash Fabrics Design Star Challenge - Round 4 | Man Quilt Fabric Bundle | Shannon Fraser Designs | Quilting Cotton | Modern Quilting

Voting for Round 3 of Stash Fabrics Design Star Challenge is officially open!

Let me first start off by saying thank you to you for all the love and support you showed me for my Round 2 fabric bundle.

All your votes got me through to Round 3, which was beyond exciting!!

Each round we’re given a theme to base our fabric bundle on. This time around, the theme was “Man Quilt” and we were specifically asked “if we could make a quilt for any man in our life who would it be and why”.

November 27, 2017

Modern Sewciety Podcast Interviews Shannon Fraser Designs - Tune in for all things quilty!

Shannon Fraser Designs on the Modern Sewciety Podcast | Modern Quilting and Sewing Community | Interview | Behind the Scenes

I’ve shared my love for the Modern Sewciety podcast with you before (if you missed it, you can see my Top 5 Podcasts forQuilters & Creatives post here).

So, you can imagine how excited I was to be invited by the lovely Stephanie Kendron to come on as a guest!!

It was a total break out in full on dance for joy moment! And then, the nerves set in – ha!

November 23, 2017

2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Quilters

Ultimate gift guide for the modern quilter in your life | Books, Gift Cards, Tools & Notions are just some of the categories covered in these Christmas gift ideas

It’s that time of year where gift giving is top of everyone’s mind. And sometimes figuring out that ultimate gift can be a little daunting.

OK, a lot daunting if you’re a family member or friend trying to figure out what to give a quilter when you haven’t a clue what that really entails (I speak from experience here, and wound up getting a button making kit…).

So, if you’re said friend or family member, read on for some top quilty gifts that will have your quilt lover jumping for quilty joy!!

Now, if you’re said quilter, be kind to your family, significant other, friends, or strangers who just want to show you some love and spare them the struggle. Show them this list, sit back, relax and look forward to some epic quilty good times in 2018!

November 15, 2017

Stash Fabrics 2017 Design Star – Round 2 Voting is Open

Stash Fabrics Design Star Challenge | Round 2 | Shannon Fraser Designs | Quilting Cotton | Designer Fabrics |

Eeek! It’s official! I made the cut!!

I’m so thrilled to have made it to Round 2  of Stash Fabrics 2017 Design Star Challenge!!

And now I need your help!

If you’re new to this challenge, it first started last year when Stash Fabrics launched their Design Star Club.

November 12, 2017

Sunday Studio Maintenance: How to Clean Your Sewing Machine & Iron

How to clean your sewing machine & Iron | Sunday Studio Maintenance with Shannon Fraser Designs | DIY Sewing Machine Care | Rowenta Iron | Quilting Studio Maintenance

When you own a sewing machine, there is inevitably some maintenance that is required to keep her purring along.

Sewing machine cleaning sounds like such a daunting task. A total sewjo killer, right?

Well, it doesn’t have to be.

Just like you probably have a weekly beauty routine, the same applies to your sewing studio. A little weekly cleaning is the ticket to keeping your machine in tip top stitching shape. And, once you make it part of your routine, it won’t feel like such sewjo killer anymore!

November 03, 2017

Hexie Stripe Quilt – And Tips on Free Motion Quilting

Hexie Stripe Quilt | Suzy Quilts' Pattern | Modern Quilt | Color Pop | Shannon Fraser Designs | Kona Cotton | Essex Linen | Anna Maria Horner Print | Quick Quilt Pattern

This project all started back in the early spring when Suzy of Suzy Quilts reached out to me to say she would love to see my interpretation of her Hexie Stripe quilt pattern.

Suzy is just the sweetest and, although life was crazy at that time, I just couldn’t say no 😉 Besides, her quilt patterns always pack a visual punch, and the Hexie Stripe quilt pattern is no exception.

Since life was crazy, I was all “umm, would it be ok if I made a table runner instead of a whole quilt?”

With the A-OK from Suzy,  I got to work.