October 16, 2019

Catching up on a Modern Quilter’s WIP List | Q4 Finish-A-Long Proposed Projects

Q4 2019 Finish-a-Long List of Projects | Shannon Fraser Designs #wip #quilts #modernquilter

Wowee, we’ve only got a few more months before we’ll be ringing in 2020.

Ok – that felt a little strange to type out. Where has 2019 gone?

As I take stock of my current work in progress pile, I’m trying to be mindful of how much I can realistically get done in the coming months.

With the holidays only a couple of months away, I know that December will be a write off in terms of getting anything accomplished – ha! 

October 08, 2019

Quilt Binding Tutorial Part 3: Big Stitch Hand Quilting

Big Stitch Hand Quilted Binding | Quilt Binding Tutorial Part 3 | Shannon Fraser Designs #bigstitchquilting #handquilted

Are you ready for the next step in the Quilt Binding Tutorial series?

In case you missed them, here is a quick link to Part 1 and Part 2 😊

Now, just like in Part 2, this one involves some hand sewing, but I don’t want that to scare you off because this technique is SUPER fun and adds the BEST texture and details to your quilts.

And, I’ll let you in on a little secret, this hand quilting technique is quicker than the blind stitch we used in the last tutorial. 

“Shannon, did you just say faster?”

September 26, 2019

Double Windmill Quilt Pattern

Double Windmill Quilt Pattern | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilts

Are you on the hunt for a quilt pattern that gives you an eye-catching design that POPS without complex piecing?

The Double Windmill quilt pattern does just that!

It’s all about enjoying the quilty journey!

A bold design that comes together through the clever placement of the block designs.

Making it easy to piece. And super fun to see come to life.

September 16, 2019

Rainy Day Sewing Book Tour | Spotlight Cushion

Rainy Day Sewing Book Tour - Spotlight Cushion | Shannon Fraser Designs

You know those creative people that you so admire their style.

It can be completely different from your own, but there’s something about it that just sparks joy? 

That’s what Amy’s work always does for me. The fabrics she combines. The little details she sneaks in that add just the perfect touch. And the way she styles and photographs it just makes me smile.

August 21, 2019

Wholecloth Mini Quilt | Aurifil Artisan Challenge

Wholecloth Mini Quilt | Aurifil Artisan Challenge | Shannon Fraser Designs #handquilted

Do you ever get an idea that just keeps popping back up in your head?

Something you think “Oh, that could be really cool”, but also immediately think “hmm, it could also be a disaster” – ha!

This has been the thought process for the last few years whenever I think about this idea. I get really fired up about tackling it, but also a little nervous because I hadn’t tackled it before.

August 11, 2019

Harvest Falls Quilt & Wall Hanging | Featured in Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine Issue 76

Harvest Falls Quilt & Wall Hanging featured in Love Patchwork & Quilting Magazine | Shannon Fraser Designs #modernquilt

Have you ever received an email that just made your day?

This is exactly what happened one very cold winter day during my Christmas holidays. I was up North at the cottage in full on relaxed mode as we were celebrating our favourite time of year. I don’t normally check my emails while on vacation, but for some reason I took a little peek. And boy am I 
happy I did!

July 25, 2019

Rocksteady Quilt | Modern Quilt Pattern by Suzy Quilts

Let me start off by saying, don’t take the amount of time it took me to complete this quilt as any indication of how much I love this quilt pattern. The fact that she was pieced well over a year ago and just hanging out draped over the back of my sofa patiently waiting to be quilted has no bearing on how much I adore this pattern.

Then again, let’s face it, I adore Suzy Quilts’ patterns. They’re fun to make and always full of eye candy. The Rocksteady pattern is no exception. In fact, I’d say it’s one of my favourite patterns of Suzy’s (well, until she releases another epic pattern and then that one will be my new fave 😉). I love how the design is so harmonious and has lots of movement, which is fun to see take shape as you piece her up.